Flightstats ranks Sheremetyevo International Airport first by on-time departures in September 2017

Sheremetyevo International Airport ranked first by on-time departures ranking according to research by the American Flightstats service in September 2017. MOSCOW, Russia, 2017-Oct-12 — /Travel PR News/ — Sheremetyevo headed the category of Major Airports with on-time departures index of 92,24% ahead of the US Minneapolis — 91.51% and Salt Lake City — 89.88%, Qatar Hamad (Doha) — 91.07% and Japanese Haneda ( Tokyo) — 88.96%. Moscow airport holds the first place… Read the full press release

Sheremetyevo International Airport launches free high-speed Wi-Fi internet access to its passengers

MOSCOW, 2016-Jul-14 — /Travel PR News/ — In preparation for the FIFA World Cup 2018, Sheremetyevo International Airport has completed the commissioning of state-of-the-art high-performance Wi-Fi infrastructure and begun to provide free wireless Internet access at high speed and without restrictions. The new service will meet customer needs in terms of high-technology features and free access to information. The high-speed Wi-Fi network will… Read the full press release

Aeroflot to welcome Skytrax CEO Edward Plaisted to its hub at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo International Airport

MOSCOW, 2015-8-11 — /Travel PR News/ — Aeroflot (Moscow Exchange ticker: AFLT) was today pleased to welcome Edward Plaisted, the CEO of Skytrax, which runs the aviation industry’s leading global ratings system, to its hub at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo International Airport. An Aeroflot delegation led by Giorgio Callegari, Deputy CEO for Strategy and Alliances, welcomed Edward Plaisted… Read the full press release

Photo exhibition “The inspiration of the morning freshness” at Sheremetyevo International Airport in honor of the 25th anniversary of the flights of Korean Air to Russia

The Korean Air airline, Sheremetyevo International Airport and the National Tourism Organization of Korea opened together a photo exhibition ” The inspiration of the morning freshness” in honor of the 25th anniversary of the flights of Korean Air to Russia and the termination of the year of the mutual visits “Russia — Republic of Korea”. The exhibition containing 15 photographs is located in the public area of Terminal E (2nd floor), passengers… Read the full press release

Sheremetyevo International Airport and VIP-International unveil new business lounge for the passengers of international airlines

Moscow, Russia, 2014-10-20 — /Travel PR News/ — Sheremetyevo International Airport and VIP-International unveiled “Star” — a new business lounge for the passengers of international airlines. The lounge is located in the “clean area” of Terminal F (3rd floor, opposite to Gates 51 and 52). Since the opening of this lounge, the Classic business lounge is closed for reconstruction. The new “Star” Lounge, with the area of 540… Read the full press release

Sheremetyevo Airport named the best European airport in terms of quality of passenger servicing according to Airports Council International’s ASQ Rating

Moscow, Russia, 2014-2-21 — / — Sheremetyevo Airport was named the best European airport in terms of quality of passenger servicing, according to the reputable program ASQ (Airport Service Quality) of the Airports Council International (ACI) The second year in a row, Sheremetyevo Airport confirms its status as the best airport in Europe in terms of level of service. Thus, Sheremetyevo Airport is the first Russian airport to have taken the honour of leadership… Read the full press release

Sheremetyevo International Airport announced new rules for liquids in carry-on luggage during 2014 XXII Winter Olympics and XI Winter Paralympics in Sochi

Moscow, Russia, 2014-1-17 — / — According to a decree issued by the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, several changes now apply to the rules of pre-flight and post-flight inspection as of January 11, 2013. One of them prohibits the transportation of all kinds of liquids in carry-on luggage for flights departing from airports located in the Russian Federation. This measure is aimed at ensuring the protection of civil aviation facilities against unlawful… Read the full press release

Sheremetyevo International Airport passengers and guests can now call for free within Russia

Moscow, Russia, 2013-11-25 — / — Sheremetyevo International Airport has offered to its passengers and guests the service of free telephone calls. “Public telephones” are located in Terminals E (2 booths), F (5 booths), and C (2 booths). All those who arrive at the Airport have the opportunity to call their relatives and friends or promptly get connected with information and emergency services. Calls from these telephone sets to mobile and fixed-line numbers… Read the full press release

Groundbreaking guidelines for recording on-time flight statistics developed by Russian Sheremetyevo International Airport

2013-08-05— / — Sheremetyevo International Airport has initiated and developed a new version of the «Guidelines for Recording On-Time Flight Statistics.» Airport specialists have developed a document that represents a breakthrough for the aviation industry, enabling the airport to exercise sweeping control over the performance of all participants in the aircraft-servicing process, taking into account modern conditions and the requirements imposed upon individual airports and airlines…. Read the full press release

Sheremetyevo International Airport performance results for May and the first five months of 2013

Sheremetyevo is now the largest airport in Russia in terms of international passenger traffic 2013-06-20 — / — Sheremetyevo International Airport has announced its performance results for May and the first five months of 2013. The number of passengers handled since the beginning of the year increased by 13.3% as compared to the same period in 2012, reaching 10.5 million people. Passenger traffic on international routes in… Read the full press release

Total Revenue Of Aeroflot Group For 12 Months Exceeds The Result For 12 Months 2011 By 60%

Moscow, 2013-05-01 — / — Revenue of Aeroflot Group for 12 months 2012 according to IFRS totaled 253,039.0 mln Rubles exceeding the result for 12 months 2011 by 60%. In execution of the Federal Law № 402-FZ “On book keeping” the reporting currency for consolidated financial statements for the year 2012 is Russian Ruble. Traffic revenue… Read the full press release