Sheremetyevo International Airport earns “Russia-2020 Transport Security” national award

Sheremetyevo International Airport earns “Russia-2020 Transport Security” national award

Moscow, Russia, 2020-Nov-17 — /Travel PR News/ — Sheremetyevo International Airport received “Russia-2020 Transport Security” national award for the best implementation of requirements for air transport security at a ceremony held on November 12 in Moscow. The award is given jointly by the by the Transport Security Foundation and the Transport Security Association.

“We thank the expert community for the high assessment of our work,” said Viktor Yermakov, Deputy Director General for Security of JSC SIA, operators of Sheremetyevo. “The safety of passengers, guests and employees is an unconditional priority for Sheremetyevo’s activities. Security at Sheremetyevo Airport is maintained through effective interaction with the police, other law enforcement agencies, airline security services and cooperating organizations. We use advanced technical solutions while selecting and training the best personnel and providing our employees continuous professional development.”

Sheremetyevo Airport implements the entire range of aviation and transport security measures required by Russian legislation, as well as international best practices and ICAO recommendations.

Sheremetyevo pays particular attention to the selection of inspection equipment and the implementation of the most modern and effective developments in the field of security. The latest systems in this area are applied in Terminal C, where inspection equipment is integrated with an automated system for sorting carry-on luggage and trays and a centrally controlled system for monitoring metal detectors has been put into operation.

The integrated sorting system sorts trays carrying passengers’ belongings automatically into two parallel lines – one for “cleared” items and another for manual inspection. Analysis of the images of carry-on luggage is transmitted by computer from the introscope to inspectors in a separate operating room, which greatly reduces the possibility of human error in the inspection procedure.

Central monitoring of the metal detectors allows the airport to manage equipment settings in all airport terminals remotely and receive reliable information about the workload of each checkpoint, which in turn makes it possible to more clearly and efficiently plan the work of employees involved in security checks.

In addition, Sheremetyevo this year installed an integration information platform called NEST, which ensures the prompt transfer of information about the operation of all operating systems to the transport security control points of the South and North terminal complexes of the airport.

Improving the security system using high-tech solutions makes it possible to prevent transport of dangerous items and substances aboard aircraft with a high degree of certainty. From January to October 2020, airport security stopped 9,254 attempts to smuggle prohibited items and substances onto aircraft during inspection of passengers, carry-on and checked luggage, and cargo and mail. This includes 1,174 weapons: 65 cold arms, 22 weapons of other types, 1,087 pieces of special equipment and 659 sharp or bladed objects.

Currently, Sheremetyevo International Airport uses more than 680 pieces of inspection equipment (stationary and portable), including:

• One- and two-projection X-ray television Introscope;

• High-speed X-ray television introscopes with automatic detection of explosives;

• Tomographs;

• Multi-zone stationary and hand-held metal detectors;

• Gas analyzers;

• Microwave scanners.

In addition to inspection using security equipment, Sheremetyevo has also implemented the following measures:

• Search dogs of the canine service;

• Patrolling of terminals and station forecourts;

• Stationing of inspectors-profilers in “civilian clothes” in passenger-traffic areas;

• A high-tech security system at the airport perimeter:

• CCTV cameras allowing for search for persons in the passenger-traffic areas.

The National “Transport Security of Russia” Award was established by the Transport Security Foundation and the Transport Security Association on May 22, 2015 with the support of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation. The purpose of the Award is to encourage and promote achievements, advanced methods and solutions in transport security, to evaluate the achievements of enterprises and organizations, leaders and specialists of the transport industry, government agencies that contribute to the development and strengthening of transport security in the Russian Federation.


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