Are you looking for a chance of becoming known, recognizable, popular and why not even famous, within the travel/hospitality industry around the world? You, as an individual, or the travel brand, company, activity, operations, etc., you own or are part of. Have you ever dreamed of owning/running/operating or being a part of a media business that is popular, influential, authoritative and with readership/viewership in the millions as well known all over the world? Perhaps can be of help to you achieving all of that. is the native digital platform, and perhaps the most recognizable name in the industry, for travel pr news on the Web. No other industry in this world is more driven by pr news than the travel/hospitality one and expectations are that in the post COVID-19 world this will even be of much greater significance for the industry’s survival and recovery and no other site on the web is better named/positioned than to address this demand and house the staggering amount of travel pr news articles that are going to be generated by the millions of stakeholders around the world while trying to… literally make it or die trying. is having a decently realistic chance and quite viable potential of becoming a hugely popular vertical digital media platform reaching out to millions of readers/viewers around the world if all of the following is published/done at scale: travel pr news, announcements, press/news releases, articles, stories, views, opinions, commentaries, debates, issues, concerns, events, videos, photos, local reporting, etc., etc.

Launched in 2012, was born out of an 8-year prior experience (since 2004) of dealing with tens of thousands of quality travel related press releases at both EPR Network and EuropaWire, and having reviewed and dismissed hundred times as much.

Today, 10 years since launch (2012) and 18 years (2004) since we first started dealing with travel press releases and news online at EPR Network, aside the fact that we’ve managed to grow to become site #1 for travel pr news over the Internet and one of the leading newswire services for the travel and leisure industry we’ve also dealt with such a massive amount of generally travel pr news that helped us accumulate practical experience probably few within the travel pr / pr news industry can match. Over the past 18 years we spent and had enough time to watch, observe, deploy, try, learn, gain industry insights and see in overall what might work and what probably won’t in order for us to prepare and develop a number of strategies and growth hacks that we are now more than eager to execute and achieve the popularity is natively meant to have.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in becoming an owner / a part of, you are most welcome to join and help us scale it up and make it happen. And, will then, in return, help you 1) make the name you’ve been looking for within the travel/hospitality industry globally; 2) increase the value of your holdings; 3) recurringly benefit/earn/profit, in one way or another, from the massive global audience will by that time appeal to and last, but not the least, 4) exit profitably if you want to.

We are now open for external/third party interest and different equity stakes / roles are available for sale largely based on goals and objectives, investment size and capital committed.

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