The Sevens Stadium Bounces Back: International Cricket Match Kicks Off After Quick Rehabilitation

The Sevens Stadium Bounces Back: International Cricket Match Kicks Off After Quick Rehabilitation

Comeback of Sevens facilities supported speedy return of sporting activities in Dubai

(IN SHORT) Following heavy rains and wind damage, The Sevens Stadium in Dubai swiftly reopened its doors just two days later, showcasing resilience and community spirit. With concerted efforts from staff, suppliers, and partners, the stadium restored its pitches and facilities, allowing for the resumption of various sporting activities, including cricket, rugby, and football matches. Over 5,500 visitors attended events within the first few days of reopening, highlighting the venue’s pivotal role in Dubai’s sports scene and its commitment to supporting both local and international sporting events.

(PRESS RELEASE) Dubai, UAE, 2024-Apr-26 — /Travel PR News/ — On Thursday 18 April, at around 7pm, the first ball was bowled to start an international women’s cricket match between Ireland and Thailand at The Sevens Stadium. It was the first match played at the stadium after it successfully reopened just two days after heavy rains caused major flooding across its pitches, and high winds damaged other areas across its facilities.

Prioritising the resumption of sporting activities to support local communities, the team at the Sevens Stadium, along with their suppliers and partners collectively joined hands a day after the rains to quickly restore and rehabilitate damaged areas at the venue. Cleaners, landscapers and other partners helped the Sevens Stadium teams clear waterlogged areas and debris, as well as revive pitch lawns. The durability of structures across the stadium withstood high winds and sustained minimal damage and were quickly restored for public use.

By Thursday, the Sevens Stadium reopened with most of the site able to accommodate cricket, rugby and football matches along with other sporting activities, and food and beverage venues were ready to welcome guests. Over the course of the next four days the stadium hosted over 136 hours of training sessions and fixtures across 8 of its sport pitches and cricket ovals. This is in addition to the Gulf Open Cup, an international youth football tournament, a corporate touch rugby tournament for 350 people of which 85% of participants came from outside the UAE, multiple 11v11 football club matches, two international women’s’ cricket matches from four countries, senior men’s, women’s, boys and girls semi-final rugby fixtures, and regular local team cricket matches. Regular mini and youth rugby practice matches also resumed by Saturday and Sunday with over 2,500 people attending onsite.

In total, over 5,500 people came through the Stadium’s doors since reopening and another 7,000 people will be heading to the world-class venue this upcoming weekend for community-based sports events like the Youth Football League (YFL), Dubai Amateur Football League (DAFL), Japanese Football Club Dubai Blue matches and training, DASSA School Rugby Finals, Dubai Hurricanes and Exiles training, netball matches and over 20 local T20 cricket matches.

The Sevens Stadium is an active contributor to Dubai’s vibrant sports scene, hosting a dynamic calendar of community sports including cricket, football, rugby, netball, and other sports at its various courts, fields and pitches.  The Stadium has established itself as a best-in-class choice for local and international events and teams looking for world-class facilities in Dubai and across the region.

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