Tourism Authority of Thailand released update on the political developments in the country

Bangkok, Thailand, 2013-10-15 — / — The Royal Thai Government’s Centre for Administration of Peace and Order (CAPO) has lifted the temporary closure of 14 roads surrounding the Government House from late evening of 14th October 2013 to ease traffic situation. All 14 roads were completely reopened from around 21.00 hours.

The temporary closure of 14 roads surrounding the Government House from 14.00 hours of 13th October 2013 to 21.00 hours of 14th October 2013 was issued by the CAPO as a precautionary measure to ensure order during the current demonstrations at Lumpini Park and Uruphong Intersection.

Life in Bangkok and all other areas of Thailand continues as normal. Tourism attractions and activities as well as businesses in Bangkok and other Thai cities are not at all affected, and continue as per normal.

Suvarnabhumi Airport and all international and domestic airports around Thailand are open and operating normally.

On Wednesday, 9 October 2013, the Thai Cabinet approved the use of the Internal Security Act in three Bangkok districts – Dusit, Phra Nakhon and Pomprap Sattruphai – from 9 to 18 October 2013 as a precautionary step to ensure law and order.

The law does not prohibit nor obstruct peaceful demonstration held within the bounds of the law, but it enables security agencies to effectively prevent and mitigate, as much as possible, undue disruption or impact on the safety of the general public.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand is closely monitoring the situation, and is providing information and assistance to tourists through the TAT Contact Centre 1672 and all its offices in Thailand and overseas.