An Exclusive Online “Noh” Event at Odawara Castle

Odawara, Japan, 2020-Aug-27 — /Travel PR News/ — Join the stream of Noh Drama at Odawara Castle on September 13, 2020. This is a special performance of the famous Japanese story, Tale of Genji, performed in traditional Noh Style at Odawara Castle. Included in this exclusive experience is taiko drumming and a ninja show of the famed local Fuma Ninja Clan. The streamed event will be available for three days after the performance for those unable to watch the first stream. Foreign language guides will be available to participants. Tickets are only JPY1000 (about USD10). Join us online on September 13 or any time within three days of the showing to have a true Japanese experience during these times. Click the link below to learn more about this amazing experience. Available in multiple languages.

Japan’s First Online Noh Drama + Castle Collaboration “The Tale of Genji”
This September Odawara Castle will be the setting for an exclusive online production of “The Tale of Genji” told through classic traditional Noh drama. This special event was created for the lovers of Japanese culture, history, and art during these challenging times when we can’t travel and experience for ourselves. This virtual experience will be available on demand for a short period of time in September. This “Remote Traditional Drama” will have many new experiences to take advantage of this new format for viewers.

Japanese History and Culture through Art
Noh is one of Japan’s most famous traditional dramas that incorporates poems, acting, costumes, and music. You can think of it as the original Japanese musical. “The Tale of Genji” is one of Japan’s most famous stories written about 1000 years ago. It is considered one of the world’s first novels and centers on the love and challenges of court life in the Heian period of Japanese history. The drama revolves around Genji, the emperor’s son, his love affairs and the drama of his offspring.

Odawara Castle
The stage for this performance will be the famous Odawara Castle. This was the home of the Hojo clan during the Sengoku warring states period of Japanese history. The Hojo were once one of the most powerful families in all of Japan and the castle was famed for its imprenable defenses. The white castle and stone walls make for a dramatic backdrop to the Noh drama.

Japan’s most famous Love Story
“The Tale of Genji” consists of 54 chapters and the performance in Odawara will be based on the “Aoi no Ue.” This is a chapter based on interweaving love stories, spirits, challenges to societal norms, and adultery. All the ingredients of a dramatic tale that still holds attention and intrigue for modern day audiences. Characters will include Genji, the emperor’s son, his young wife, mistress, court nobles, and possessive spirits.

Follow Along with Multilingual Guides
Before the airing of the show we will send you an online guide in multiple languages to read up on the story, characters, and the relationships between them. This drama uses traditional Japanese words and phrases that aren’t used anymore. It is normal to read ahead with a guide because even native Japanese need a bit of help to understand what is going on. When you purchase your ticket, a guide will be sent to you. This event will be archived for three days after the first streaming till September 16 so you can go back and rewatch to catch anything you might have missed.

Noh + Ninja + Taiko
This event is an entertainment extravaganza for those interested in all things Japanese. Odawara Castle was once the home of the Hojo clan who used the famed Fuma Ninja to achieve their political goals. A popular Fuma Ninja show and traditional Taiko Drumming event will also be included and shown before and after the Noh. Enjoy the diverse arts and shows as you get to see jumping acrobatic ninja, energetic heart pounding traditional drumming, and classic Noh all in one sitting!

When? Where? How Much?
First Stream…September 13, 2020 (Sunday 20:00 – 21:00 Japan Time)

Archived for three days so you can watch anytime until September 16, 2020 (Wednesday 23:59 Japan Time)

Tickets….¥1000 (approx. USD9.40 / 7£ / 8€ / AUD13.00 / NZD14.00

Sign up for a ZAIKO account to get your tickets…we look forward to you being a part of this memorable event!

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