Kunal Makhija, Co-Founder of Sloshout, Shared How They Started Work

DELHI, 2022-Sep-30 — /Travel PR News/ — Booking a venue can be a task, from selecting one to actually seeing it come together through your vision. To make things easier, there are many e-markets that help us select the venue for any occasion. One of which is bootstrapped sloshout a web platform that was originally based in Delhi that helps you find a venue for your event. With the goal of giving you incredible memories, Sloshout Events is a fully integrated event planning service. Just relax and let them do the difficult tasks. And best of all, it’s free!

From small gatherings to birthday parties, weddings, and large-scale productions, they plan and organize events. Whether it’s a party, wedding, or any event that requires a banquet hall, you can finalize it in just a click!

Sloshout: A complete Venue solution

Both Kunal and Parth are in their mid-20s and have worked as consultants for more than four years. These are the individuals who founded Sloshout. They developed the concept while still employed at Ernst & Young.

With the help of the online portal Sloshout, users may choose locations for their gatherings and arrange party or event packages. The best website for finding venues is Sloshout. Users can find all the information they need here before choosing a location for their party. Instead of acting as a middleman between the venue hosts and the customer, they supply accurate information and serve as informants. They strictly operate on the principle of openness with both our venue hosts and clients.

The idea for Sloshout came about as a result of problems with finding a party location in Delhi/NCR and more than six other cities. You may find all types of celebrations right here, whether they are corporate events or birthday celebrations, intimate cafes for small gatherings, or large spaces for lavish events.

The reservation procedure has been purposefully kept simple and user-friendly. Sloshout takes pleasure in offering knowledgeable advice on venue selection, tailoring it to the needs of the client.

How does it work?

In an interview with Kunal and parth regarding the working of sloshout Kunal said” To achieve the desired results for a venue, consumers may either use filters on the Sloshout website, fill out an online form, or phone them and tell them what they want. The top possibilities will be delivered to you through email in a matter of minutes, and a representative from our company will always be on hand to assist you in selecting the ideal location.

This gives leads that registered venue partners are interested in receiving, paid-for by Sloshout. Each venue partner receives a mobile app that gives them access to a dashboard of all the leads Sloshout is working on, allowing them to select leads based on the date, time, and needs of the users. There are no fees for users.

How does sloshout help other businesses?

An EY-EEMA (Event and Entertainment Management Association) analysis predicts that the Indian events and activations market will surpass the Rs 10,000 crore threshold by 2020–21.

The sector has been expanding at a 16 percent CAGR, reaching a total of Rs 5,631 crore in 2016–17. Partykaro, Venuelook, and Venuemonk are among the additional participants operating in the area.

Sloshout not only works with big groups but also with small groups, giving them access to infinite discount packages that they would not otherwise have if they went to the restaurant or venue alone. They can allow for the expansion of other food and venue businesses by giving them more exposure through sloshout.

Challenges faced by them

In an interview, Kunal discusses the difficulties, saying, “When we first started, it was quite hard for us to convince the venues to partner with us and be on our platform since they were mistaking us for the various firms who send clients on an a-la-carte basis by offering discounts. Instead, we offer them large groups and sell them regular party packages. Additionally, it was challenging to persuade users that we offer unrestricted assistance to them. They believed it to be an unreal offer. The moment we secured some locations and corporate sponsors, there was no turning back.

Untill sloshout has made it service available in cities other than delhi like jaipur, noida, gurgaon, ghaziabad, faridabad, hyderabad, bangalore,mumbai. So make sure you book your venue through sloshout for your upcoming events

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