Bahrain International Airport’s Safety Week initiative launched

2013-09-25 — / — Bahrain International Airport’s (BIA) Safety Week was launched yesterday in an opening ceremony held at the Movenpick Hotel and attended by Bahrain Airport Company (BAC) officials and partners. The event is a leading initiative designed to educate airport’s staff about world-class measures that ensure safety of employees and travelers alike, while maintaining operations’ efficiency.

Taking place in the period between 22nd and 26th of September 2013, the event is being held this year under the theme “Foreign Object Debris: Pick up to make a difference”. The week-long initiative will include a series of training sessions and group activities, to discuss the handling of Foreign Object Debris.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Chief Executive Officer of BAC, Mr. Mohamed Yousif Al- Binfalah addressed the attendees and praised the accumulated efforts of all partners in implementing advanced safety systems in their operations.

“Ensuring efficiency and safety of the airport for all users is among our priorities, whether they are passengers, staff, or airline companies. We have achieved significant milestones towards the reduction of Foreign Object Debris, which is one of the main pillars that have shaped the airport’s aviation security plan. In 2013 alone, we have managed to reduce Foreign Object Debris found in the apron by 46%. Bringing together all airport stakeholders in one place during the Safety Week, I am confident we can exceed our own records.”Mr. Al Binfalah added.”

Foreign Object Debris is any object that does not belong in or near airplanes and, as a result, can injure airport or airline personnel and damage airplanes. It was estimated that Foreign Object Debris costs the aviation industry USD13 billion every year.

The event was organized in close coordination from the following key partners; the Civil Aviation Affairs, Bahrain Airport Services, Bahrain Aviation Fueling Company (BAFCO), Bahrain Duty Free, Gulf Air, and DHL. Other key organizations also participated by contributing with training programs, and they are: Royal Air Force (RAF), VELOSI Safety Team and ALBA.

BAC is the authority responsible for operating and managing BIA as a world-class airport. As part of its’ operator role, BAC is responsible for elevating the airport’s infrastructure and services. This sets to improve the Kingdom‘s aviation capabilities; and to cater for the growing number of passengers as well as the changing demands of BIA stakeholders.