8base, A taste of Hachinohe in Tokyo

TOKYO, 2020-Oct-06 — /Travel PR News/ — News this month told us that 8base, a Hachinohe Metropolitan Area Exchange Plaza, opened up in Hibya, Tokyo. 8base is a ‘base’ where visitors can go and directly taste the charm of local gourmet food, local sake and special products related to the south of the Hachinohe area. The Hachinohe area consists of eight municipalities; Hachinohe City, Sannohe Town, Gonohe Town, Takko Town, Nanbu Town, Hashikami Town, Shingo Town and Oirase Town, all of which boost a great culinary scene and are represented in 8base. The surrounding countryside produces bountiful amounts of fresh fruits, vegetables and grains; the quality and taste of which is unmatched. Seafood is endless, always fresh and often surprising for its sheer variety, while the area is home to three different types of locally produced meat which are nationally recognised and celebrated. 

8base is the perfect place for those who are travelling to Japan but unfortunately won’t be able to visit the Hachinohe region. Visitors can now get a taste of Hachinohe in Tokyo, the brand new 8base store serves as a store where customers can easily purchase and enjoy Hachinohe specialty products. More than just a traditional satellite store though, 8base is a place to create and connect new fans of the Hachinohe Area through holding interesting events where people can meet and talk. The facility even serves as a window for those who may be considering moving out of the busy city for a change of pace, scenery and life.

8base is a place where more and more people can learn about the Hachinohe Area and its products, creating new business opportunities and connections across the country, while supporting the sustainability and continued progress of the Hachinohe Area community by increasing the people who support it across the country. It is an integrated and comprehensive promotional facility for the whole Hachinohe Area, conveniently located right in the heart of Tokyo. At the restaurant booth, visitors can enjoy local cuisine consisting of the fruits of the mountains and seas and local sake that the Hachinohe area is proud of. 8base aims to be a base that connects the Hachinohe area and the people of the Tokyo metropolitan area and expands the possibilities of the area infinitely.


About Visit Hachinohe

Visit Hachinohe includes eight regions that make up the Hachinohe Region; Hachinohe City, Sannohe, Gonohe, Takko Town, Nanbu Town, Hashikami Town, Shingo Village and Oirase Town. Hachinohe is known for its scenic coastline along Tanesashi Coast including the famous Tanesashi Beach and Kabushima Island. Various events take place throughout the year including Hachinohe Sansha Taisai, Japan’s biggest float festival, where 27 different floats move through Hachinohe City. 

This area is also celebrated for its local produce from the sea, mountains and land, made with great care and producing only the best quality, such as Wagyu beef. 

For more information, please visit https://visithachinohe.com/en/

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