Luxair Luxembourg Airlines launches first digital solution to assist customers affected by flight disruptions

Luxair offers an increasingly personalised and optimised service for its customers

Luxembourg, Europe, 2020-Feb-25 — /Travel PR News/ — Luxair Luxembourg Airlines has just launched its first digital solution, with a more comprehensive, instant and all-inclusive service, to go one step further in improving assistance provided to customers affected by flight disruptions (delays or cancellations). Luxair Luxembourg Airlines is the only European regional airline and the only airline operating from Luxembourg airport to provide such a service.

Luxair passengers affected by delays or cancellations will receive a notification via text message and/or by email about their flight’s status as soon as the information is available, thanks to contact information provided during the booking process. Customers’ contact information is therefore crucial for Luxair, so they can inform passengers in real-time.

Irregularities, by definition, cannot be systematically predicted. Luxair’s goal is therefore to minimise the impact on its passengers and provide a pleasant travel experience in all circumstances. Only 1% of all Luxair Luxembourg Airlines flights are affected by disturbances that have a major impact on passengers.

Passengers departing from Luxembourg will receive a link to an online platform with real-time information about their flight status. This platform will provide access to a range of all-inclusive services to make the wait all the more enjoyable. Passengers can relax and use the sum of money credited to a virtual payment card to buy food, entertainment, or transportation services etc., while our Luxair teams do their utmost to find the best alternative solutions available.

We have also established numerous partnerships with hotels near to the airport to provide accommodation services for Luxair customers when situations require an overnight stay.

Following its launch in Luxembourg in February, this solution will be progressively deployed in stages over the coming months to cover all Luxair’s destination network in the near future.

Whenever a flight delay or cancellation is declared sufficiently in advance, passengers will receive a notification, which will allow them to save time and arrive at the airport later according to their new departure time.

This service means that we can give customers freedom and independence. Immediate information sharing in digital format completes and reinforces Luxair’s personalised service and staff present in the field.

A tried and tested solution

The system was put to the test during the recent storms we experienced in the Greater Region, during storm Ciara. 18 Luxair flights departing from Luxembourg were cancelled due to this important and unforeseeable event, 937 customers were affected. 84% of customers had provided their contact details beforehand and could therefore use this new service.

It is our top priority at Luxair to guarantee safety and comfort throughout your journeys with us. Luxair’s customer relationship is built on the quality and efficiency of its services, even during unpredictable and difficult situations.

Come and take a look at our video about this new solution:
– in the event of flight cancellations: click here.
– in the event of flight delays: click here.

More details are available on our website: click here.


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