Budapest Airport, Last minute goose liver and Tokaj wine from Heinemann

2012-12-21 — / — Heinemann Duty Free is opening a new shop which will primarily sell Hungarian products at Terminal 2A of Budapest Airport.

Passengers rushing to catch Schengen-internal flights will thus have an opportunity to grab some high-quality presents from Hungary for their loved ones before boarding.The new, 140-square-meter outlet at Terminal 2A will be like a breath of fresh air in the standardized world of modern airports.

In addition to the well-known international sweets and drinks brands, a genuine Hungarian atmosphere will greet customers, along with an excellent range of high-quality Hungarian products. Local produce is anyhow popular with travelers; the new shop is intended to satisfy this demand. It is true that Hungarian products are available in the “big” duty free and in other outlets as well, but even the design and the style of the new shop suggests that it offers genuine Hungarian products. In January, after the traditionally busy Christmas and New Year period, women from the Kalocsa region will paint local folk motifs on the walls left bare for this purpose.

“Thanks to the folk artists, the shop will have unique, Hungarian decorations, which will also set us apart in the world of airport retail. It will also be entertaining for passengers to watch the women from Kalocsa working,” said Fritz Janach, the managing director of Heinemann Duty Free. “Our experiences show that the two Hungarian products that are most popular with passengers are the liqueurs manufactured by Zwack (especially Unicum) and Pick salami. In addition, we will also offer paprika from Kalocsa and Szeged, fine pálinka (Hungarian fruit brandy), Hungarian porcelain and the justifiably popular Szamos marzipan,” he added.

Alluding to Hungary’s rich natural resources and wildlife, the decorations in the new Heinemann shop will include uniquely designed lamps made of tree branches and stag heads with antlers, decorated with flowers. “Heinemann Duty Free went to great lengths to apply original solutions in the design of the new outlet. I am certain that it will prove popular with passengers,” said Alan Bork, director consumer for Budapest Airport, of his first experiences of the facility. “In our increasingly uniform world, passengers really appreciate local products that are different from what is generally available.

Fortunately, Hungary is able to surprise visitors with products of exceptional quality, such as the Tokaj dessert wines or the famous goose liver, which, incidentally, go together very well.”


Budapest Airport, Last minute goose liver and Tokaj wine from Heinemann

Budapest Airport, Last minute goose liver and Tokaj wine from Heinemann