Dubai Shopping Festival 2019 – A Mecca for Shopaholics

NEW Delhi, India, 2018-Sep-17 — /Travel PR News/ — Are you one of those who make a long shopping list two months prior to a vacation? Or want everything at one place? If yes, then Dubai Shopping Festival is the best place for you to go, as you can check the items off your shopping list and have a relaxing holiday too.

Dubai Shopping Festival is a month long event that will take place from 26th December, 2018 till 28th January 2019. It includes retail of everything, from clothes to watches, fragrance to jewelry and spices to electronic gadgets.

Offering amazing discount on various types of clothing, jewelry and fragrance which you might not be able to afford otherwise, the festival is a true heaven for shoppers. There are offers and sales on the biggest brands that one just cannot miss. Other than this, there are lucky draws which you can enter to win amazing rewards like cars and cash.

Apart from the shopping arena, there are many other sources of entertainment. Right from celebrity concerts to flash mobs, and fashion walks to a mesmerizing firecracker show that takes place every night, glittering into the beautiful night sky.

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