Planning an European Holiday with Paras

DELHI, India, 2018-Sep-19 — /Travel PR News/ — A holiday is a time when you’re looking forward to spending some time away from your daily monotonous routine; breathe in some fresh air, visit new places and buy souvenirs. All in all it’s a time when you expect to be freshened up by the atmosphere and spellbound by the scenery, taking in the beauty of this rock we live on.

Europe is one of the most beautiful places in the world, clear blue sky, aesthetic homes, enticing architecture and mouth-watering food. Europe is an experience of a lifetime, leaving you spellbound and possibly making up your mind to stay there forever. As beautiful as Europe is, it is also one of the most visited continents in the world and sheer number of places to visit can be a bit heavy on your pocket.

We therefore suggest you to consider some offbeat places along with the ones that you just have to see to average out the expenses and let you the side of Europe which is not full of tourists and gives you a break from the crowd. Keep a track of the Conversion rate of the Euro and plan your trips accordingly.

While planning your European getaway, there are certain places that you must have on your ‘to visit’ list, namely Florence, the birth place of renaissance; Paris, the city of love; The French Riviera, the jet set destination; Barcelona, the Catalan home of some the world’s most beautiful cathedrals; Venice; the city built on water; Prague, the city of a hundred spires to name a few most visited places in Europe. For a more offbeat adventure, you can head to Scandinavia and witness the Northern Lights or you can to head to Transylvania in Romania and maybe look for Count Dracula yourself. You can visit the fabled lands of Pompeii or head towards Versailles, the witness to the moments that changed the world or maybe head towards the majestic Black beaches of Iceland or maybe head towards Moscow and see for yourself the sheer scale of the Red Square and maybe feel the spirit of the old soviet. When talking about off-beat places the Atlantic road in Norway and see for yourself the marvels mankind is capable of creating.

Europe is the biggest exhibition and museum of Humanity’s venture into the realms of art and architecture. The clean environment and low temperatures have preserved the oldest of monuments and scenic beauty is more than enough for you to keep changing your wallpaper for the next decade.

Europe is not a holiday destination; it’s an experience and a peek into the world which birthed some of the most renowned artists, philosophers and scientists of the world. Log on to Paras Holidays for the best offers. Happy Holidaying.