British Airways’ Christmas Getaway

2012-12-21 — / — Tomorrow (December 21, 2012) is British Airways’ busiest day of the festive period as nearly 111,000 travellers get away for the Christmas break across the airline’s network.

Christmas Day will see nearly 31,000 people travel with British Airways. At 00:01 on Christmas morning there will be 58 planes in the air which will travel over half a million miles between them. The day will also see 845 pilots and 2,473 cabin crew working or overseas.

The airline is noticing two peaks for people returning – January 4 with 107,000 customers and January 7 with 106,000.

Between now and January 7 nearly 1.6 million people will travel to and from the airline’s 175 destinations worldwide.

Almost 60,000 mince pies will be served on long-haul flights from Heathrow accompanied by one tonne of single cream.

Customers may also come across British Airways staff with Christmas-themed surnames including two Christmases, one Claus, four Rudolphs, two Snowballs and five Yules!