Design Unleashed: Exploring the Vibrant World of ibis Styles Hotels

Design Unleashed: Exploring the Vibrant World of ibis Styles Hotels

A peak inside the hotel brand where every stay is a celebration of creativity and comfort

(IN SHORT) In anticipation of major design fairs worldwide and following World Design Day, ibis Styles showcases its portfolio of over 670 hotels, each embodying a unique design story. As travel becomes increasingly accessible, ibis Styles stands out with its blend of affordability and creativity across properties worldwide. From the whimsical Mary Poppins-inspired ambiance in Austria to the vibrant celebration of Cordel literature in Brazil, each hotel offers a distinctive experience. The brand’s commitment to innovation in design is evident, with properties like ibis Styles Klagenfurt and ibis Styles Lianyungang Ganyu drawing inspiration from literature and mythology, respectively. With designs ranging from disco-era nostalgia in Germany to vibrant comic book artistry in Switzerland, ibis Styles invites guests on a journey where comfort meets curiosity and every moment is an opportunity for creativity.

(PRESS RELEASE) Paris, France, 2024-Apr-30 — /Travel PR News/ — As the world of design gears up for a month of the biggest design fairs in the world – Clerkenwell, Stockholm, Venice to name but a few – and following Saturday’s World Design Day (April 27th), ibis Styles invites travellers to embark on a journey of design through its portfolio of unapologetically fun hotels. Offering over 670 addresses, ibis Styles is boutique economy design at its best, seamlessly blending affordability with a design-forward spirit. Each ibis Styles hotel is a vibrant destination, offering a unique design story to inspire our guests to express their own creative personality.

In an era where travel has become more accessible than ever, the demand for unique and affordable accommodations is at an all-time high. Enter the global phenomenon, ibis Styles, a low-cost design hotel brand boasting a staggering 670 locations and 670 designs across the globe. What sets ibis Styles apart? It’s not just the affordability factor, but the sheer diversity and creativity infused into each of its properties.

Here we delve into the captivating world of this pioneering brand, exploring how it has redefined the concept of economy travel while simultaneously celebrating individuality and creativity in design. From the vibrant colours of Australia’s ibis Styles Hobart to the orange hues of ibis Styles Sevilla City Santa Justa, each hotel weaves a tapestry of design, ensuring an economy hotel experience like no other. Each of the hotels in this network is a testament to innovation in design, offering guests more than a stay, but a stay in Style(s).

ibis Styles Hobart, Australia
Embracing the theme of ‘colour’, ibis Styles Hobart immerses guests in a vibrant and cheerful atmosphere from the moment they arrive. The hotel’s design concept celebrates hues and shades, evident in features such as the Asian parasol ceiling in Mr. Good Guy restaurant and colourful murals adorning guestrooms. Even the conference room, named the Aqua room, boasts blue-toned design elements, offering a refreshing view of the pool. The hotel extends its colourful theme to various aspects, including break-out games and children’s gifts during school holidays, ensuring a lively and engaging experience for all guests.

ibis Styles Klagenfurt, Austria
Inspired by the beloved character Mary Poppins, ibis Styles Klagenfurt offers guests a whimsical and enchanting experience. The hotel’s design concept incorporates elements from the classic tale, such as swinging chairs and roundtable setups, creating a charming atmosphere reminiscent of Mary Poppins’ adventures. Through thoughtful design choices, guests are transported to a world of magic and imagination, making their stay truly magical.

ibis Styles Maceió Pajuçara, Brazil
Inspired by Brazil’s rich cultural heritage, ibis Styles Maceió Pajuçara celebrates Cordel literature, offering guests a creative and immersive experience. The hotel’s design draws inspiration from the melodious verses and vibrant imagery of Cordel literature, creating a space that reflects the local identity and charm of the Northeast region. Each room tells a story, with sea views and thematic decor inviting guests on an unforgettable journey through Brazil’s literary landscape.

ibis Styles Lianyungang Ganyu, China
Located in Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province, China, ibis Styles Lianyungang Ganyu draws inspiration from the mythical “Huaguo Mountain,” birthplace of Sun Wukong from “Journey to the West.” With a theme of ‘Blessed Land – Cave & Heaven’, the hotel’s design mirrors the enchanting landscapes of Huaguo Mountain, creating a serene retreat for guests. Inspired by indigenous mountain resorts, the hotel captures the beauty of the region. Guests are particularly drawn to the leisure reception area and the Sun Wukong model, both reflecting the hotel’s homage to Chinese cultural heritage.

ibis Styles Copenhagen Ørestad, Denmark
Combining urban living with the serenity of nature, ibis Styles Copenhagen Ørestad invites guests to experience the intersection of two worlds. Neon quotes, waterfall lighting, and graffitied walls coexist harmoniously with illustrated wallpaper and floral carpeting, creating bright and vibrant public spaces. Each design element reflects the hotel’s commitment to blending modern city living with natural beauty, offering guests a unique and Instagram-worthy experience.

ibis Styles Montauban, France
Inspired by the markets of the Southwest, ibis Styles Montauban offers guests a sensory experience that captures the essence of local culture and cuisine. The hotel’s design celebrates the flavours, colours, and lively atmosphere of the region’s markets, with vibrant decor and friendly staff creating a welcoming ambiance for guests to enjoy.

ibis Styles Tbilisi Center, Georgia
Celebrating the vibrant culture and landscapes of Georgia, ibis Styles Tbilisi Center embraces a design inspired by sheep and mountains. The hotel’s bright interior reflects the rich colours of the Georgian landscape and folk art, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for guests. A unique art installation, featuring a cheerful sheep made of hanging lamps, serves as a memorable focal point in the lobby, inviting guests to embark on a journey through Georgia’s rich heritage.

ibis Styles München Perlach, Germany
Transporting guests back to the 70s disco era, ibis Styles München Perlach delights visitors with popping colours and disco-themed decor elements. From rollerblades to glittering leopard statuettes, the hotel’s design exudes a retro vibe, inviting guests to groove to the beat of disco funk. Every detail, carefully selected to evoke nostalgia and fun, contributes to the hotel’s lively and dynamic atmosphere.

ibis Styles Roma Aurelia, Italy
From sunrise to sunset, ibis Styles Roma Aurelia embraces a dynamic and colourful design concept inspired by the city’s vibrant culture and history. The hotel’s informal and friendly atmosphere reflects the lively spirit of Rome, with dynamic lighting and colourful accents creating a luminous and inviting ambiance for guests to enjoy.

ibis Styles St. Paul’s Bay, Malta
Paying tribute to Malta’s natural beauty and colours, ibis Styles St. Paul’s Bay invites guests on a journey through the island’s diverse landscapes and environments. The hotel’s design concept draws inspiration from Malta’s rugged rock formations, limestone, and Mediterranean vegetation, creating a story-telling experience that celebrates the island’s unique charm and character.

ibis Styles Rotterdam Ahoy, Netherlands
Transporting guests to an enchanted oasis, ibis Styles Rotterdam Ahoy offers a whimsical escape from reality. The hotel’s interior design features pastel colours, floating clouds, and lush greenery, creating a dreamlike ambiance for guests to explore. From the vibrant sunset-themed areas to the jungle-inspired settings, every corner of the hotel invites guests on a surreal journey through nature and imagination.

ibis Styles Lima San Isidro, Peru
Embarking on a journey of imagination and invention, ibis Styles Lima San Isidro invites guests to explore a world where creativity knows no bounds. The hotel’s design resembles a creativity factory, with vibrant murals and symbolic decor elements inspiring guests to dream and innovate. Through its welcoming atmosphere and thoughtful design, the hotel fosters a sense of exploration and discovery, offering guests a unique stay in the heart of San Isidro.

ibis Styles Krakow Centrum, Poland
Combining history with modernity, ibis Styles Krakow Centrum offers guests a journey through cultural traces and human activity. The hotel’s design, reminiscent of a time machine, invites travellers to explore artifacts of the past and extraordinary compositions that reflect the city’s rich heritage. From the Chill Bar’s hidden messages to the Morse code decor in each room, guests discover unique details that make their stay exceptional and unforgettable.

ibis Styles Sevilla City Santa Justa, Spain
Drawing inspiration from the oranges of Sevilla, ibis Styles Sevilla City Santa Justa offers guests a sensory journey through the city’s vibrant culture and heritage. The hotel’s design celebrates the iconic fruit, with rooftop terraces and courtyard patios reminiscent of Sevilla’s orange groves. Through its vibrant colours and inviting atmosphere, the hotel captures the essence of Andalusia, inviting guests to relax and unwind in style.

ibis Styles Genève Carouge, Switzerland
Drawing inspiration from the colourful world of comics, ibis Styles Genève Carouge immerses guests in a playful and whimsical environment. The hotel’s design concept celebrates bold colours and graphic elements, reminiscent of comic book artistry. Through vibrant decor and imaginative touches, guests embark on a visual journey that sparks creativity and delight, making for a memorable stay in Switzerland.

ibis Styles Bangkok Silom, Thailand
Inspired by its urban surroundings, ibis Styles Bangkok Silom captures the essence of hidden treasure within the bustling city. The hotel’s design concept plays on the contrast between its physical location and the surrounding high-rise buildings, creating an oasis-like ambiance for guests. The hotel collaborated with Thai artist, Tikkywow, to create the eye-catching mural at the hotel’s entrance with vivid pops of colour bursting onto the street outside. The artist’s interpretation of the neighbourhood focusses on the vibrant history of Silom which welcomes people from all over the world.

Unleash Your Creativity at ibis Styles

In a world where every moment is Instagram-worthy, ibis Styles goes beyond expectations with its ‘Perfect Photo Spot’. From vibrant murals to playful installations, guests are encouraged to capture and share their moments of joy and discovery.

As we celebrate World Design Day, ibis Styles invites travellers to unleash their creativity, embrace the unexpected, and embark on a journey where comfort meets curiosity. Whether it’s a staycation or a globetrotting adventure, ibis Styles promises an experience like no other – where every moment is an opportunity to be bold, be inspired, and be uniquely you.

About ibis Styles

Creative design and a playful atmosphere are what travellers find when they stay with ibis Styles. With a unique design concept built around a precise theme and a confident, optimistic approach, ibis Styles hotels deliver simple, trendy and economical hospitality. The friendly staff delight in surprising guests with joyful little extras to make every stay feel personal and special. Couples, families, solo travellers and business guests are all welcomed warmly at more than 670 uniquely designed ibis Styles hotels across 55 countries. ibis Styles is part of Accor, a world leading hospitality group counting over 5,600 properties throughout more than 110 countries, and a participating brand in ALL – Accor Live Limitless – a lifestyle loyalty program providing access to a wide variety of rewards, services and experiences.

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