What to see in Belgrade: Top places to visit

LONDON, 2022-Jul-21 — /Travel PR News/ — Without a doubt, Belgrade can be called one of Europe’s most attractive cities. Although it can’t boast world-class museums or remarkable architecture, the vibrant spirit of its streets, the warmth and sense of humour of its inhabitants, the lively bars and clubs remain beyond compare in the Balkans. A few days spent here will be a highlight of a trip to Europe.

The Serbian capital is uniquely situated at the confluence of the Danube and the Sava rivers, in an area where the first settlements appeared as early as the 3rd century B.C. Belgrade is one of the oldest cities in Europe. Destroyed and rebuilt many times, it is a pleasant surprise, reminiscent of Budapest in style.It doesn’t take long to figure out where to go in Belgrade. You’ll find interesting places and sites everywhere.

Belgrade Fortress

The founding site of the city, divided into two parts. The Upper and Lower square is full of monuments. All-knowing guides in Belgrade will show you Byzantine castle ruins, remains of settlements, churches and artillery pads as a reminder of the original function of the fortress.

Kalemegdan Park

A cultural and historical complex, the park is located near the fortress and is served by a tourist train that makes it possible to see the best sights of Belgrade without getting tired and wasting time: the zoo, the military museum, the play park, the art pavilion and the sports grounds.

Prince Michael Street

If we were to list the main attractions in Belgrade in brief, it is impossible to overlook this street. It is the main pedestrian street and the starting point for exploring the city. It is where the local ambience is reproduced in full force. Following it, you can admire the harmonious architectural ensemble of buildings that date back to the 70s of the 19th century. The slender figure of a man on a horse, a monument to Prince Michail attracts the eye.

Belgrade Zoo

A small but welcoming zoo dotted with hills giving the impression of a layered landscape. Definitely worth a visit if you don’t know what to see in Belgrade in 1 day. Peacocks roam the grounds, and the enclosures and pens are set up to make it easy for visitors to take photos and videos. There is a café and a petting zoo for children.

Nikola Tesla Museum

According to the city’s visitors, the museum of the world-famous man could be more impressive. The museum is small (only 3 rooms) and the number of exhibits is not large enough. It is recommended to take tours that include hands-on experiences. Of particular note is the overview of the scientist’s personal belongings and the golden urn containing his ashes. Tickets are sold for cash only.

The National Museum of Serbia

Housed in a former bank building, the museum exhibits a huge collection of art and archaeological artefacts. Its location on the Republic Square and its tourist rating attracts a lot of visitors.The museum houses works by Renoir, Degas, Matisse, Rembrandt, Modigliani, Picasso and other famous painters. There is free admission to the educational programmes.

Make a list in advance of what to visit in Belgrade in the time allotted. Also, don’t forget to choose your accommodation for the holiday period and pay special attention to the transport issue. If you are travelling with family or a group of friends, a Belgrade Airport Taxi is an excellent choice because you will have the privacy and comfort you require. You won’t have any disputes about how to get from Belgrade Airport to City Centre. So, feel the mood woven of contrasting hints of bitterness about the city’s past and undying optimism. Relax in an environment of friendliness and renowned Serbian hospitality!