MSC Cruises’ private island Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve welcomes hundreds of tiny Loggerhead sea turtle hatchlings

Ocean Cay has become a thriving and breath-taking habitat for guests to enjoy, full of indigenous species flourishing both ashore and in the surrounding marine environment More than six nests and hundreds of sea turtle hatchlings have been identified on MSC Cruises’ marine reserve private island The waters around the former industrial site have been… Read the full press release

MSC Cruises publishes its 2020 Sustainability Report

Report focuses on how MSC Cruises navigated the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, adapted its operations and prepared for the return of guests and crew Outlines how the Company’s Industry-leading Health & Safety Protocol allowed a safe and sustainable resumption sailing in the Western Med in August 2020 And despite the pandemic, how MS… Read the full press release