The World’s Favourite Sushi Dishes Revealed

London, UK, 2023-Jun-22 — /Travel PR News/ — In recent years, sushi has become more popular than ever, so much so that it’s one of the most popular cuisines on Instagram, beating the likes of Indian, Chinese and Thai.  

But what Sushi dish is the most popular worldwide and what is each nation’s favourite? Sakuraco turned to Google Keyword Planner to find the answer.  

Ranked number one overall is the California Roll, with over 613K average monthly Google searches. First introduced in LA in the 1960s, the California Roll is a type of inside-out sushi roll in which rice forms the outside of the roll.  

While it’s deemed an American take on Japanese delicacy, it’s now deemed the most popular type of sushi around the world.  

In particular, South Africa (8,970 AMS), Australia (11,400 AMS), The UK (38,850 AMS), Canada (53,740) AMS) and The United States (290,500) have all named the California Roll as its country’s most loved sushi dish in our study.  

Following in second is Temaki with 365,830 average monthly searches. Temaki is sometimes called a ‘hand roll’ because it’s made of a rolled cone of seaweed, wrapped around rice and fillings. 

More than likely, the reason Temaki Sushi is a firm favourite amongst foodies is that it’s a meal where everyone helps themselves. You can prepare a platter of sushi rice, nori (seaweed sheet) and fillings like raw fish and sliced vegetables and each person can make a hand roll based on their favourite mix of ingredients.  

Residents of Mexico and Brazil have named Temaki as their nation’s most loved sushi dish with 12,730 and 365,390 average Google monthly searches respectively.  

Uramaki (317,840 AMS), Gunkan (192,170) and Hosomaki (191,610) complete the top five most searched-for sushi dishes in our study.  

We also looked at the countries most obsessed with sushi and while Canada may be the global giant in maple syrup production, it seems sushi is a firm favourite for its residents, as it’s named the sushi capital of the world.  

Almost six percent (5.7%) of its population is searching for sushi every month – which equals to over 2.1m. The United States follows in second place, with 3.4 percent of its population searching for sushi every month.  

Japan (3.2%), Australia (3%) and Italy (2.3%) complete the top five countries most obsessed with sushi.  

Ayumi Chikamoto, Founder of Japanese food subscription company Sakuraco commented: 

It’s incredible to see how sushi, originating from Japan, has gained a global following and continues to captivate food enthusiasts around the world. This study highlights how traditional cuisine has seamlessly integrated into the culinary scenes of various countries.  

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