The best bizarre museums to visit in Europe, according to tourists

London, UK 2023-May-24 — /Travel PR News/ — European cities are a treasure trove of cultural heritage, attracting travellers from all corners of the world. But while popular attractions like national art museums or historical buildings are a must-see on every tourist’s agenda, there is a whole other world of eccentricity waiting to be explored…. Read the full press release

Hate travelling light? This new app means you no longer have to

London, 2023-May-10 — /Travel PR News/ — Hotel cleaning policies have become stricter since COVID-19, meaning late check-ins and early check-outs are now the norm. This leaves travellers with the dilemma of packing light or carting heavy luggage around with them when they arrive or on the day they go home.  But thanks to a… Read the full press release

How Second Homeowners Can Better Support Local Businesses and Communities

North Devon, United Kingdom, 2023-Apr-25 — /Travel PR News/ — Recently, it was announced that second homeowners in popular UK holiday destinations could be facing a 100 percent council tax increase, as local councils have been granted the right to enforce the action. The hike has become a source of controversy, with homeowners claiming this… Read the full press release

Travel expert shares top money-saving hacks for booking your Easter getaway

LONDON, 2023-Mar-29 — /Travel PR News/ — By Jess Twitchin, CEO and Founder of Despite the cost of living crisis continuing to tighten budgets for families across the nation, getting away is still a top priority for Brits, with a recent study finding 73 percent are unwilling to give up their staycation this year…. Read the full press release

Study Reveals the Best Locations to View Cherry Blossom Season in the US 

Los Angeles, United States, 2023-Mar-20 — /Travel PR News/ — Ornamental Japanese cherry blossoms are nature’s confetti and one of the reminders that spring is on its way.    Residents in Japan celebrate the arrival of the cherry blossom, known in Japan as Sakura, every year with a blossom festival known as Sakura matsuri, with visitors… Read the full press release

The best (and worst) tourist attractions around the world

London, United Kingdom, 2023-Mar-14 — /Travel PR News/ — Nobody wants to think ‘is this it?’ when arriving at a tourist attraction. But every traveller has experienced the disappointment of reality not living up to expectations at some point. With this in mind, Stasher, the luggage storage network, has ranked 99 global tourist attractions to… Read the full press release

AI Reimagines Tourist Attractions, according to one-star reviews

LONDON, England, 2022-Dec-22 — /Travel PR News/ —  CHRISTMAS is just around the corner, and you might be looking for ways to fill the long week before the new year begins, possibly even planning a visit to one of the UK’s top tourist attractions. So, how do you decide where you’ll go? Well, aside from traditional… Read the full press release

Delayed flight connection? Travel expert explains whether you can leave the airport

LONDON, UK, 2022-Nov-29 — /Travel PR News/ — Flight delays and cancellations have become a normal part of airline travel since the pandemic due to staff shortages, strikes and surges in demand. And as the holiday season approaches, travel chaos is expected at airports around the world during peak times. This can be especially stressful… Read the full press release

Study Reveals the Best Greek Islands for Honeymoon (and It’s Not Santorini)

LONDON, 2022-Oct-13 — /Travel PR News/ — Planning a honeymoon is one of the most exciting parts of getting married, but it can be stressful trying to narrow down your trip of a lifetime. And with the average couple spending roughly £4,500/$5,000 on their honeymoon, it’s important to get it right. The Greek islands are… Read the full press release

U.S. Airlines Ranked by Negative Twitter Mentions

Rhode Island, RI, 2022-Oct-13 — /Travel PR News/ —Understaffing, technical problems, extreme weather, and soaring demand for travel have all pushed airlines to the limits this year. The Department of Transport revealed U.S. airlines have almost doubled the percentage of canceled flights (3%) in the first half of this year, compared to last year’s period… Read the full press release

How to get an upgrade to first class – without spending a pound extra

LOS ANGELES, CA, 2022-Sep-9 — /Travel PR News/ — The economy cabin seems to be getting smaller as airlines pack in as many seats as they can to boost profits.  And as ticket prices increase, even an economy seat can now make a large dent in your holiday budget.  But many travellers aren’t aware that… Read the full press release

Most Popular Fall Destinations in the U.S. according to TikTok 

Rhode Island, RI, 2022-Sep-9 — /Travel PR News/ — The falling of golden-hued leaves and cooler temperatures make fall a desirable season for many travelers. Many cities are quieter during the cooler months, providing the perfect opportunity to explore beautiful places without the crowds. To help you decide on your next fall adventure, travel insurance… Read the full press release

New Study Reveals Which Hotel Booking Website Offers the Best Deals 

Rhode Island, RI, 2022-Aug-18 — /Travel PR News/ — Traveling the world is a thrilling experience, however, soaring costs are making it unattainable for some vacationers. For most travelers, finalizing flights and accommodations are top priorities, but the cost can put a dampener on holiday excitement. However, scouting out various hotel booking websites can help… Read the full press release

New Study Reveals the Best Cities for a ‘Workcation’ in the U.S

LONDON, 2022-May-10 — /Travel PR News/ — A workcation is like a vacation, with an important distinction: travelers take their work with them instead of leaving it behind. For some, it’s an appealing alternative to the norm, helping travelers avoid returning to an overflowing inbox or experience the usual pre- or post-vacation stress that bookends… Read the full press release

Tips to lower costs for holiday homeowners amid cost-of-living crisis

LONDON, UK, 2022-Mar-24 — /Travel PR News/ —We’re currently in a cost-of-living crisis. Living costs are rising at their fastest rate in 30 years; a typical domestic energy bill will rise by about £700 a year in April; National Insurance tax expected to jump to 1.25 percent, and inflation to climb above seven percent this… Read the full press release

Britain’s most Instagrammable luxury hotels outside of London

Cliveden House is Britain's most Instagrammed hotel outside of London

LONDON, UK, 2022-Feb-03 — /Travel PR News/ —  London is famous for its 5-star hotels, but the quality of luxury hotels outside of the Capital is also unrivalled, with Britain boasting some of the most idyllic and Instagram-worthy resorts in the world.  With uncertainty over international travel plans continuing into 2022, many of us are… Read the full press release

Study Reveals the Most Cost-Effective Five-Star Hotels for the Holidays

Rhode Island, RI, 2021-Dec-01 — /Travel PR News/ — The holiday season is quickly approaching, and many travelers choose to combat seasonal stress by indulging in upscale accommodations for their holiday getaway. With restrictions continuing to ease throughout the United States and almost 60% of the U.S. population being fully vaccinated, having a “normal” holiday… Read the full press release

2022 Travel Trends

 By Rebecca Jackson, Marketing Manager, Perfect Stays  LONDON, 2021-Nov-30 — /Travel PR News/ — Reconnect, relax and refresh. 2022 will be the year we rekindle our love for travel, indulge and immerse ourselves in the cultural bustle of the world again and bring our fantasies of relaxing on sandy white beaches to life.   As we… Read the full press release

How to make your holiday home more sustainable: A guide for second homeowners 

LONDON, England, 2021-Nov-26 — /Travel PR News/ — Earlier this month, world leaders at the COP26 summit called for a government drive to encourage Brits to holiday at home to minimise the negative impacts of travel on the environment. While this is great news for the UK travel sector, there’s more that can be done by holiday homeowners to reduce their… Read the full press release

Perfect Stays introduces their latest property, Harbour Walk, Padstow

LONDON, 2021-Sep-30 — /Travel PR News/ — Luxury self-catering company Perfect Stays is proud to announce a new addition to its property roster, Harbour Walk. Located in the heart of the Padstow – famous for its stunning views, quaint cobbled streets and most importantly, the critically acclaimed food – this beautiful bolthole will provide the perfect base for your seaside stay. The interiors are neutral and refined, with a hint of coastal throughout, a nod to… Read the full press release

Sky-High Social Media Complaints U.S.: Airlines Ranked by Negative Twitter Mentions

Rhode Island, RI, 2021-Sep-20 — /Travel PR News/ — Social media is bridging the gap between brands and customer experience, allowing consumers to voice their opinions in real-time for the whole world to see. We all know poor reviews and negative comments can make or break a brand’s reputation. With 330 million active users, Twitter… Read the full press release

Planning a staycation this summer? Here are the most sought-after holiday additions

Cornwall, UK, 2021-Aug-25 — /Travel PR News/ — With foreign holiday restrictions in place, the number of adults planning overseas holidays has roughly halved in the last 18 months, with some vowing never to travel abroad again. So, with staycations on the rise, we rediscover the beauty of the UK with fresh eyes. But what… Read the full press release

The UK’s most desirable holiday-let features revealed

LONDON, 2021-Jul-28 — /Travel PR News/ — With the UK due another heatwave in July and ‘Freedom Day’ kicking off this month, many are looking forward to taking advantage by getting away and relaxing on a well-deserved break. And despite plans for international travel to open up again, with those double vaccinated more likely to be… Read the full press release

Dartmouth is crowned the number one coastal location across the UK

LONDON, 2021-Jul-28 — /Travel PR News/ — It seems as though the staycation boom isn’t going anywhere any time soon, as airlines cash in on the boom increasing their domestic routes.    From breath-taking views to historic cities, there is so much to explore right on your doorstep.   However, with so many places to visit in the UK,… Read the full press release

Astrological Adventures: Where to visit next based on your star sign

Rhode Island, RI, 2021-Jun-09 — /Travel PR News/ — With so many places to travel around the globe, it can seem a bit overwhelming to decide where you may want to visit next. Your zodiac sign could be the key to finding your ideal destination, as it’s believed an individual’s birth sign can predict which… Read the full press release

InsureMyTrip Identifies the Countries with the Best (and Worst) Remote Working Visas

Rhode Island, RI, 2021-Apr-28 — /Travel PR News/ — The COVID-19 pandemic forced many traditional office workers to relocate to their home offices, and over the past year many have adjusted to this new method of working remotely. To aid the transition to a more remote workforce moving forward, several businesses announced remote work would… Read the full press release

Los Angeles Ranked the Most Popular City for Vacation Rentals

Warwick, RI, 2021-Feb-16 — /Travel PR News/ — 2020 brought change to the world of travel, as many countries closed their borders to visitors, flights were reduced, and lockdown restrictions were implemented across the world. However, with the continuous rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine, many travelers are regaining confidence and are looking to book their… Read the full press release

Long Beach, California Ranked the Cleanest City in the U.S.

WARWICK, RI, 2020-Dec-18 — /Travel PR News/ — Following the COVID-19 pandemic, hygiene has become a higher priority for many industries, and travel is no exception. For travelers thinking about booking their next vacation, travel insurance comparison site InsureMyTrip provides some destination inspiration by ranking the best (and worst) U.S. cities for cleanliness. InsureMyTrip has… Read the full press release

Virtual Travel: Exploring the world from the comfort of your home

Warwick, Rhode Island, 2020-Apr-23 — /Travel PR News/ — As we practice social distancing, opportunities for travel and new experiences can feel limited. However, with a little creativity and help from technology, you can travel almost anywhere in the world in the blink of an eye. According to Google Keyword Planner data, the rise in… Read the full press release

Ready for take-off: US Airlines ranked by negative Twitter mentions

Warwick, RI, 2019-Oct-08 — /Travel PR News/ — Social media is bridging the gap between brands and customer experience, allowing consumers to voice their opinions in real-time for the whole world to see. We all know poor reviews and negative comments can make or break a brand’s reputation. With 330 million active users, Twitter, in… Read the full press release