The UK Civil Aviation Authority opened public consultations on the implementation of the Standardised European Rules of the Air (SERA)

2013-06-28 — / — The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) today launched a consultation on its proposals for the implementation of the Standardised European Rules of the Air (SERA). The consultation period runs from 25 June 2013 to 28 August 2013.

Full details of the consultation, including how to submit comment on the CAA’s proposals, can be found on the CAA website at

SERA has been jointly developed by Eurocontrol and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) on behalf of the European Commission. It is intended to introduce a harmonised set of rules for pilots to abide by when flying in European airspace. Aligning rules across Europe will make it simpler for UK pilots flying overseas, as many of the distinctive rules applied across the continent will be removed. Although SERA was introduced on 4 December 2012, the UK has decided not to complete implementation until 4 December 2014 at the latest.

SERA is based upon existing International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) requirements already in effect in UK airspace. However, there will be changes to some of the current UK rules and regulations laid out in the Air Navigation Order and the UK Rules of the Air. These include (but are not limited to):

• A change from the use of quadrantal cruising levels to semicircular cruising levels to align the UK with the rest of the world

• Minimum heights

• Transition to the SERA rules covering VFR night flying

• Special VFR requirements

• Rights of way on the ground

The CAA’s objective is to minimise SERA’s impact upon UK operations as far as possible. This can be achieved through the application of SERA’s flexibility provisions and the retention of as many of the UK’s current rules as permitted.

As EASA and Eurocontrol continue to develop SERA requirements the CAA will provide further information to UK pilots. The CAA will also provide updates on its progress with implementation in the UK and how the changes will affect pilots.

For further media information contact the CAA Press Office on 0207 453 6030

You can follow the CAA on Twitter at @UK_CAA

Notes to Editors:

The is SERA regulation available on the Official Journal of the European Union website

Given that the proposed legislative changes represent the harmonisation of existing UK provisions with European law, and that the proposed UK provisions are either retentions or adaptations of current rules, the ten-week consultation period accords with current government guidance regarding consultation.

The CAA is the UK’s specialist aviation regulator. Its activities include: making sure that the aviation industry meets the highest technical and operational safety standards; preventing holidaymakers from being stranded abroad or losing money because of tour operator insolvency; planning and regulating all UK airspace; and regulating airports, air traffic services and airlines and providing advice on aviation policy from an economic standpoint.