The Fascination Of Kuta Beach In Lombok

Long Kuta sand beach, Lombok, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia, 2018-Jun-07 — /Travel PR News/ — If you hear “Kuta Beach” word, maybe you will immediately think ‘ah yes, the beach in Bali’. Not entirely wrong, but also not entirely true. Kuta Beach is not only on the Bali island. Lombok Island also has a beach called Kuta beach. No less beautiful than Kuta beach Bali, Lombok Kuta beach also has a beautiful panoramic charm. Here is a brief information about Kuta Kuta beach.

1.The beauty of Kuta beach

Kuta Beach has a white sand and sea with blue color with semicircle shape, surrounded by green hills increasingly add to the beauty of Kuta beach. Kuta Beach also has a uniqueness of the sand that is larger than the sand in general. So when we walk without the use of footwear, it will feel a different sensation. Kuta beach is a suitable place to surf because the waves are big enough.

2. The Legend of Kuta Beach

There is one custom event held at Kuta beach, namely Bau Nyale ceremony, held once a year in February or March. Bau Nyale Ceremony is a search for sea worms on the beach. According to a growing legend in the community, Nyale is the embodiment of the hair of Princess Mandalika. The beautiful long-haired princess who received many marriage proposals from princes and youths who make the princess confused and finally plunged into the sea. Bau Nyale ceremony held to commemorate at the same time waiting for the arrival of Princess Mandalika.

3. The Access and Facilities

Kuta beach Lombok is a 30-minute drive from Lombok International Airport. Public transport access to Kuta beach is very limited so it is advisable to use private or rental vehicles.

The location of Kuta beach is also quite far from popular tourist spot such as Gili island. So it is advisable, for you who want to Kuta beach from Gili island using private transfers and the like. One of the private transfer providers from Gili island to Kuta beach is