New French Press Causing Buzz at Four Seasons Hotel Austin

TRIO debuts high-quality coffee from local roaster Casa Brasi

Austin, U.S.A. – 2012-12-28 — / — The newest item to grace the menus in TRIO at Four Seasons Hotel Austin is causing quite the local buzz – literally.

Thanks to a new partnership between the downtown Austin restaurant and local roaster Casa Brasil, coffee lovers can now get their caffeine fix with French press carafes featuring award-winning Santa Alina coffee. Sourced directly from Brazilian growers and hand-roasted in Austin, Santa Alina clocks in at 89 on the world coffee rating system, far above Starbucks and Illy coffee.

TRIO Sommelier Mark Sayre describes the flavour profile of the Santa Alina bean as sweet and full-bodied with bright acidity. It’s no coincidence such a description sounds similar to how a connoisseur might describe a fine wine since Sayre says he’s fascinated by the complexity of the coffee bean.

“Coffee beans have 26 different properties, making them more similar to wine than one would expect,” says Sayre. “And when you get a truly high-quality roast, like that produced at Casa Brasil, the flavour takes on a personality of its own and really elevates the coffee drinking experience.”

Offered in a small eight-cup and large 12-cup size for USD 10.00 and USD 14.00 respectively, the carafes are available daily during all meal periods.

To arrange a special French press tasting and brewing demonstration with Casa Brasil (available for groups of 10 or more people in TRIO), contact TRIO General Manager Jeff Haber at 512 685 8305 or

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French press coffee in TRIO restaurant

French press coffee in TRIO restaurant