Hong Kong International Airport launches the third HKIA Environmental Recognition Scheme

HONG KONG, 2017-Apr-06 — /Travel PR News/ — Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) today (3 April 2017) launched the third HKIA Environmental Recognition Scheme (the Scheme), during which more than 100 tenants at HKIA pledged to help shape HKIA into a green airport. The ceremony was officiated by Wong Kam-sing, Secretary for the Environment; Fred Lam, Chief Executive Officer of Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA); Wilson Fung, Executive Director, Corporate Development of the AA; and Cissy Chan, Executive Director, Commercial of the AA.

Mr Lam said, “HKIA has always been committed to environmental protection, and has implemented a wide range of initiatives that demonstrate our efforts to safeguard the environment amidst the airport’s daily operations and development. These initiatives, including waste separation, the Food Rescue Programme, food waste recycling, and carbon and energy management, have been successful thanks to the contributions of our fellow business partners and staff. I would like to express my gratitude to our supporting organisations and participating tenants for their enthusiastic support, and I look forward to continuing our joint effort to build a shared green future that ensures the sustainable development of the HKIA and set a good example for airports worldwide, as well as other local sectors.”

Mr Wong said, “The Environment Bureau has just proposed implementation arrangements for municipal solid waste (MSW) charging and will introduce the bill into the Legislative Council around mid-2017. Under ‘polluter pays’ principle, the charging aims at incentivising everyone to reduce waste at source and practise clean recycling. As we hope that MSW charging will be implemented in the second half of 2019 at the earliest, the Government is now preparing related public education and supporting initiatives. Meanwhile, we will take a stepwise approach to continue our efforts as set out in the Hong Kong Blueprint for Sustainable Use of Resources 2013-2022 on implementing waste reduction policies, recycling infrastructure and ancillary facilities, supporting measures for recycling industry and educating the public on waste reduction, etc. The Environment Bureau also calls on the commercial and industrial sectors as well as public bodies to get ready for the charging as soon as possible and support the transformation to ‘circular economy’. Apart from lessening the burden on our landfills, efforts in waste reduction could also help in carbon reduction, which is indeed mitigating the global climate change.”

Approximately 120 retail shops, catering outlets, office tenants and cleaning contractors have participated in the scheme. This year, which is focused on waste management, is designed to help participants be better prepared for the MSW charging and encourage wider implementation of effective waste reduction and recycling measures.

The Scheme consists of two main parts, the “Recognition Scheme” and the “Environmental Awareness Scheme”. The “Recognition Scheme” aims to acknowledge outstanding environmental management efforts and performances by business partners, airlines, catering outlets, retail shops and cleaning contractors with “Good” or “Excellent” certifications. The “Environmental Awareness Scheme”, a newly introduced initiative, targets raising awareness among business partners and tenants as well as passengers and the general public about waste management, waste reduction and recycling through various promotional and educational activities. These initiatives are also intended to reaffirm HKIA’s green commitment in waste reduction and improve the airport’s overall recycling rate.

The AA is also in the process of recruiting a number of “Green Ambassadors”, who upon finishing training on HKIA’s waste reduction and recycling measures will be stationed around the airport to help HKIA’s business partners and passengers go green in their daily operations and lives.


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Hong Kong International Airport launches the third HKIA Environmental Recognition Scheme


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