Hong Kong International Airport kicked off “Art, Culture and Music at the Airport 2019”

Hong Kong International Airport kicked off “Art, Culture and Music at the Airport 2019”

HONG KONG, CHINA, 2019-Jul-09 — /Travel PR News/ — “Art, Culture and Music at the Airport 2019” kicked off at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) today (5 July 2019). Passengers from around the world will be presented with a vivid journey into local culture during the four-month festival.  It is the fifth consecutive year the Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA) presents the festival at HKIA.

The AA is collaborating with a number of organisations and local artists to showcase a variety of performances and exhibitions including pop, classical and jazz music, Cantonese Opera, a cappella, comics, photography, metal rolling shutter painting, visual arts and more.

At the opening ceremony, Fred Lam, Chief Executive Officer of the AA, said, “In the past few years, with the full support and assistance from different sectors of the community, HKIA has become a platform for promoting local culture and art. The performances and exhibitions have also been well received by travellers and local citizens. HKIA handles over 200,000 travellers from around the world with different cultural backgrounds every day, making it a perfect venue for travellers to experience and enjoy Hong Kong’s unique cultural landscape.”

A wide array of performances and programmes are being showcased this year. Local jazz musician Teriver Cheung will team up with “Ensemble Transience”, featuring legendary Hong Kong jazz pianist Ted Lo. Saxophone ensemble “La Sax”, and two a cappella groups from the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG), “Groundbreaker” and “Passingers”, will make their debut performances at the airport during the festival.

Another event highlight is an exhibition by the Hong Kong Museum of Arts (HKMoA), celebrating the HKMoA’s reopening this November after a three-year renovation and expansion programme. The exhibition presents the four core collections of the museum, namely “Chinese Antiquities”, “Chinese Painting and Calligraphy”, “China Trade Art”, and “Modern and Hong Kong Art”. Ink paintings by Wu Guanzhong and Wucius Wong will also be displayed at the exhibition.

This year’s programme features a wide range of exhibitions and musical activities:

Exhibitions (6 July to 10 November 2019)

1. “A Journey of Contrasts@HKMoA” – The exhibition showcases artwork from the four core collections of the Museum – Chinese Antiquities, Chinese Painting and Calligraphy, China Trade Art and Modern and Hong Kong Art, celebrating the museum’s reopening in November this year. Paintings by renowned artists Wu Guanzhong and Wucius Wong will also be displayed in the festival.

(Location: Ground Transportation Centre Downramp South)

2. “Comixtream@Airport” – Platform screen doors of the Automated People Mover (APM) will be adorned by local comic artists Keung Chi Kit and Andy Seto. On Departures APM platforms, Keung portrays passengers’ flights of imagination induced by departure and the eagerness to return home, while at Arrivals APM platforms, Seto presents lively images of classic figures from his science comic Cyber Weapons Z.

(Location: Automated People Mover Platforms)

3. “Mural Art on Shutters” – Local youth from the Jockey Club Youth Create Series: HKFYG ”Arts for Change” decorated the community by creating mural art on shop shutters. The paintings demonstrate the youths’ creativity and talents, and the uniqueness of Hong Kong shopfronts.

(Location: Ground Transportation Centre Downramp North)

4. “Hong Kong International Airport Green Photo Competition” – The exhibition highlights photographs that capture the beauty of Hong Kong’s natural environment. All the photos are award-winning pieces from photo competitions organised by the AA over the past three years.

(Location: Arrivals Hall A, Terminal 1)

5. “Hong Kong’s Returning Forest Birds Exhibition” – A collaboration with the Hong Kong Bird Watching Society, which aims to raise awareness about Hong Kong’s forest birds by introducing 38 species of forest-dependent birds into Hong Kong forests.

(Location: Arrivals Hall B, Terminal 1)

6. “Exhibition of Student Visual Arts Work” – This exhibition showcases the Gold Prize and Silver Prize winners from the “Exhibition of Student Visual Arts Work (2018/19)”, organised by the Arts Education Section of the Education Bureau for all primary and secondary schools students in Hong Kong.

(Location: Bridge to Regal Airport Hotel, Arrivals Hall A, Terminal 1)

Performances (6 to 18 July 2019)

7. “Airport Proms” – Performers from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA) and Extension and Continuing Education for life (EXCEL), Yao Jue Music Academy, HK Wind Kamerata, local musicians and others will team up to deliver seven days of classical, modern, pop, jazz and Chinese performances.

(Date: 6 to 10 July, 17 to 18 July 2019; Location: Arrivals Hall, Terminal 1)

8. “JOCKEY CLUB New Arts Power Mobile Stage” – This two-day programme presented by the Hong Kong Jockey Club and Hong Kong Arts Development Council presents jazz performances by renowned jazz player Teriver Cheung and “Ensemble Transience”, featuring legendary jazz pianist Ted Lo. Another highlight is the saxophone performances by “La Sax”, one of the most talented saxophone ensembles in Hong Kong.

(Date: 11 to 12 July 2019; Location: Arrivals Hall, Terminal 1)

9. “House Music Series” – Hong Kong Arts Centre presents interactive live music performances by homegrown talent, promoting local music culture. Performers include local musicians and bands such as “MUKZI”, “Modern Children”, “Holimood Music” and Lose Wing.

(Date: 13 to 14 July 2019; Location: Arrivals Hall, Terminal 1)

10. “Hong Kong International Airport Recreation and Community Engagement (HKIARaCE) Music Performance” – Winners and contestants from “Talents from the Airport”, an annual contest for airport staff, will greet passengers with their best performances.

(Date: 13 July 2019; Location: Arrivals Hall, Terminal 1)

11. “HKFYG Hong Kong Melody Makers” – A cappella groups “Groundbreaker” and “Passingers” from HKFYG will perform at the airport for the first time. The groups will treat travellers to strong beats and light melodies.

(Date: 14 July 2019; Location: Arrivals Hall, Terminal 1)

12. “HKAPA Cantonese Opera Young Talent Showcase” – Established by the HKAPA, The Young Academy Cantonese Opera Troupe will deliver eight excerpt performances including “The Banquet from the Assembly of Heroes”, “Fight at Crossroads Inn”, “The Plum Blossom Encounter”, “Slaying in Prayer Hall”, “Luanzhou”, “Infatuation of the Flower”, “The Dream on River Luo” and “Catching Sanlang Alive”.

(Date: 15 to 16 July 2019; Location: Arrivals Hall, Terminal 1)

Details of “Art, Culture and Music at the Airport 2019” can be found on the designated webpage at http://www.hongkongairport.com/eng/passenger/art-and-culture-at-hkia/art_and_culture_at_hkia.html. Exhibition and performance brochures are available for download as well.


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