Enterprise Rent-A-Car announces two upgrades to its ARMS® Automotive platform

LONDON, 2014-8-29 — /Travel PR News/ — Replacement car specialist Enterprise Rent-A-Car today announced two upgrades to its ARMS® Automotive platform, based on customer feedback received following the initial launch. Repairers and insurers can now use it directly to book rental vehicles and registration numbers are now part of the vehicle information available at a glance.

ARMS® Automotive, a free online platform that allows bodyshops to provide real-time updates on repair status and replacement car provision to insurers and Enterprise branches, was launched earlier this year. Already more than 200 repairers are using the system and the roll-out is set to continue at pace.

It is a development of the online ARMS® rental management suite already used by many repairers and insurers to manage their replacement car rentals. It also provides an open communication channel between bodyshops, insurers and Enterprise.

By ensuring all parties have the same up-to-date information, ARMS® Automotive addresses many of the issues that affect customer service during a repair cycle. It makes the repair process more transparent and enables all parties to manage rental lengths more effectively, both of which are key areas for controlling claims costs.

ARMS® Automotive allows bodyshops to update exactly where they are with each repair and share that information with multiple insurers and Enterprise branches in real time. The result is a drastic reduction in the amount of time spent on administration and telephone calls. Insurers and Enterprise branches can then easily view how a particular repair is going and update their hire accordingly.

The platform brings benefits to all bodyshops and is offered free of charge. However, larger repairers that handle high volumes of repairs through multiple insurers and work providers, which also have vehicles provided by several different Enterprise branches, will experience the most benefit.

Stuart Sandell, head of UK insurance division at Enterprise Rent-A-Car, said: “Repairers have a lot on their plates. They are at the sharp end of the process and have to keep multiple stakeholders informed about progress. We introduced ARMS® Automotive to enable repairers to focus on their work rather than on having to field dozens of calls a day on how a specific job is going.

“The system drastically cuts their administration time and cost, plus it helps both bodyshops and insurers better control the rental lengths for their replacement cars. We’re listening to the repairers using the system and have already made some key enhancements, with more planned in the coming months.”

Accident repair network Alton Cars Group has been using the ARMS® Automotive system. Group commercial director Neilson Jones said: “Having seen a presentation on ARMS®Automotive earlier this year, we could immediately see the potential benefits. The system was up and running within a couple of weeks and once live, we were stunned at the sheer number of vehicles that were being supplied by Enterprise to our customers.

“The impact on our business has been huge with a significant drop in calls from work providers asking for updates on vehicles, as this is all now done through the ARMS®Automotive system. What a breath of fresh air to have something that is adding value to our business with a clear form of communication between repairer, hirer and work provider.”

Bill Duffy, managing director of Rye Street Group, an early adopter of the technology, said: “Our business is seeing huge benefits in terms of reduced telephone traffic, cost reduction, and greater transparency for all parties.

“Enterprise has committed to providing ARMS®Automotive at no cost to repairers, as they recognise that all parties will benefit from using the system. This makes Enterprise an even more attractive partner for repairers and work providers.”

About Enterprise Rent-A-Car
In the UK, Enterprise Rent-A-Car is the sole specialist in providing replacement vehicles and courtesy cars, which are relied upon in the event of an accident. Enterprise, with more than 7,000 offices in the UK, Germany, Ireland, the United States and Canada, also offers daily and weekend rental for private or business use.

St. Louis-based Enterprise Holdings, the largest car rental service provider in the world, operates the Enterprise Rent-A-Car brand through its regional subsidiaries. Enterprise started in the UK in 1994 and has rapidly expanded. With 3,400 staff across the UK in over 370 branches, more than 90 per cent of the population lives within ten miles of an Enterprise location.

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