Cathay Pacific reiterates position on pay increments in light of Flight Attendant Union action

2012-12-04 — / — Cathay Pacific Airways reiterated that the company has already taken into account a wide range of factors when considering the latest salary increments for its staff. These factors include the airline’s business performance, job market conditions in Hong Kong and the economic outlook in the various markets it serves.

Cathay Pacific Chief Executive John Slosar stated earlier that the difficult operating environment of 2012 would continue into 2013. Despite the current challenges, the company announced it will give eligible staff in Hong Kong an average pay increase of 2% for next year on top of a discretionary 13th month payment for 2012.

The Company’s pay philosophy is that when times are bad, its goal is to keep the team together – as it did during SARS and the financial tsunami of 2008-2009. This approach gives its staff more stability and job security over the long term, and allows the company more flexibility to deal with the cyclical nature of this business.

As a listed company and a responsible corporation, it is crucial for Cathay Pacific to strike a balance between the interests of all stakeholders and be prudent in its financial management in order to achieve sustainable growth and to ensure employment protection.

Cathay Pacific General Manager Cabin Crew Liza Ng said that Cathay Pacific has been having an ongoing dialogue with the cabin crew community and the Flight Attendants Union (FAU).

“Over the last one-and-a-half months we had a total of eight meetings with the FAU. We remain open to discuss various operational issues at our scheduled regular meetings with the FAU and will arrange additional meetings if necessary,” said Ms Ng.

“In fact as a result of numerous discussions with the crew community, we have initiated a number of programmes to enhance the lifestyle of our crew including guaranteed days off on their birthdays, an option to choose high-density rosters and the Work Life Enhancement programme. These have all proved very popular among the crew community,” Ms Ng added.

Cathay Pacific today urged the FAU to remain calm and put the interest of the public first. “The company is confident that our cabin crew will act professionally and responsibly, as they always do, in serving the travelling public,” Ms Ng said.