Budapest Airport Facebook page marks 30 000 likes

Budapest, 2014-6-4 — /Travel PR News/ — Budapest Airport registered another spectacular, albeit virtual achievement this morning, with BUD’s Facebook page receiving no less than 30 000 likes. This is the number of people who regularly follow events happening at Budapest Airport as well as behind the scenes, as BUD’s Facebook page also provides a glimpse into the world of the airport which remains hidden from passengers.

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Budapest Airport’s Facebook page is as colorful as the world of web 2.0 itself. One of the most popular events was the visit of Lufthansa’s new giant Airbus A380 in October 2011, but BUD reports on numerous topics, including discount fares offered by airlines, or the trapping of gophers living at the airport and their relocation to the Kiskunság National Park.

BUD was among the first European airports to launch its own Facebook page in January 2010, as it became apparent that Facebook was not just a trendy online meeting point for teenagers and university students, but a dynamically developing IT platform about to conquer the world. Not wanting to miss out, Budapest Airport’s marketing and communications specialists were among the first to recognize that Facebook can be used not only to post business information, but also to rapidly receive feedback about promotions and events.

Thereafter, the airlines operating to Budapest also quickly took to Facebook to complement their traditional online presence. The puzzles and games linked with the various promotions quickly increased the number of BUD’s followers. Nowadays, Facebook has become such an important tool of communication that Budapest Airport uses it to reach passengers in case of unexpected events, such as adverse weather conditions or a work stoppage in another country affecting flights.

Statistics about BUD’s posts, totalized in 2013, make for interesting reading. The story which elicited the most feedback was the post about Sólyom Hungarian Airways, whilst the most popular news story announced the reopening of the visitor terrace at Terminal 2A. The third most successful post was about the incredible feat achieved by strongman Zsolt “Popeye” Sinka, who pulled a nearly 40-ton airport fire truck with his teeth, and sheer muscle strength. One of the most successful airline-related posts from last year reported on the opening of Wizz Air’s new Dubai flight, which is no surprise, as there were nine belly dancers performing on the concrete, with BUD’s posts naturally including photographs. A similarly popular post this year was the announcement by Norwegian about the launch of its new flight from Budapest to London Gatwick.

“We are very proud of our region-leading approach to social media, with some of the highest number of Facebook likes proportionate to our size in the industry,” commented Kam Jandu, chief commercial officer for Budapest Airport. He added: “Just this last weekend marked another milestone as we exceeded 30 000 likes, helped by popular stories such as TAP Portugal’s 10th anniversary event, the relocation of predatory birds to the Hortobágy National Park and the Vueling competition. Our fan base continues to grow, which means that they enjoy receiving such stories about their favorite airport!”


Budapest Airport Facebook page marks 30 000 likes

Budapest Airport Facebook page marks 30 000 likes