Aberdeen International Airport Strengthens Security Measures for Enhanced Passenger Safety

Aberdeen International Airport Strengthens Security Measures for Enhanced Passenger Safety

(IN SHORT) Aberdeen International Airport has reinforced its commitment to passenger and staff safety with a comprehensive and collaborative security strategy. Operating 24/7, the airport utilizes advanced technologies such as perimeter detection systems and a vast CCTV network, while highly trained staff employ digital 3D screening for luggage. The airport’s security culture is bolstered by partnerships with Police Scotland and the Campus Watch program, promoting a ‘See It, Say It, Stop It’ approach. This initiative involves over 2,000 employees, ensuring a vigilant and secure environment for millions of passengers each year.

(PRESS RELEASE) Aberdeen, UK, 2024-Jul-8 — /Travel PR News/ — Aberdeen International Airport prioritizes the safety and security of its passengers and personnel, forming the foundation of its operations. While passengers frequently interact with security personnel in designated search areas, an extensive and continuous security operation occurs throughout the entire airport campus, operating 24/7, 365 days a year.

The airport emphasizes that security is a collective responsibility, involving thousands of employees from various companies operating within the terminal and the broader campus, alongside the millions of passengers welcomed each year. This collaborative approach is central to maintaining a secure environment.

A robust security culture is cultivated at Aberdeen International Airport, spearheaded by dedicated security staff and key partners like Police Scotland. This partnership ensures every passenger’s journey is both memorable and safe. Security teams and Police Scotland maintain a visible presence within the terminal, on local road networks, and conduct constant patrols of the airfield, wider campus, and airport perimeter.

State-of-the-art perimeter detection technology, supported by an extensive CCTV network, is employed to monitor the airfield, terminal, and campus road network. Additionally, when luggage is checked in, it undergoes screening using advanced digital 3D technology, managed by highly skilled personnel.

Over 2,000 employees work across the airport, all trained to act as vigilant observers, reporting any issues directly to the on-site 24-hour control center and CCTV hub. This training is particularly emphasized in the industry-leading Campus Watch program, which addresses disruptive behavior.

The ‘See It, Say It, Stop It’ initiative underscores the airport’s zero-tolerance policy, empowering everyone from cleaning staff to boarding personnel to contribute to a secure environment. Passengers are encouraged to report any concerns to a member of the Aberdeen International Airport team, reinforcing the collective security culture.

For more detailed information on the airport’s security measures, please visit: Airport Security | Aberdeen Airport.

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