Umlingo Travel PR Joins Forces with Bushtops Safari Camps to Elevate Luxury Safari Experiences in East Africa

(IN SHORT) Umlingo Travel PR has announced a new partnership with Bushtops Safari Camps in East Africa. Bushtops Safari Camps, owned and managed by the Stuart family, offers “wild luxury” experiences under canvas in Kenya and Tanzania. They have three unique camps, including Mara Bushtops, Serengeti Bushtops, and Roving Bushtops, each providing exceptional wildlife encounters and sumptuous accommodations. The partnership aims to enhance Bushtops Safari Camps’ reputation in the tourism industry, known for its commitment to sustainable tourism and memorable safari adventures.

(PRESS RELEASE) London, UK, 2023-Nov-6 — /Travel PR News/ — Umlingo Travel PR is delighted to announce a new partnership with Bushtops Safari Camps in East Africa, to elevate their already exceptional reputation in the tourism industry.

Serengeti Bushtops with added bubbles

Serengeti Bushtops with added bubbles


Owned and managed by the third generation Stuart family, Andy and Claudia have established three unique camps that offer a superlative “wild luxury” experience under canvas.

Their first camp, Mara Bushtops, was launched 17 years ago, located in a private concession on the fringe of Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Park, overlooking a substantial natural salt lick which attracts diverse wildlife from miles around – providing incredible sightings right in front of the camp’s restaurant and spa.

Perfectly placed on the pathway of the annual wildebeest migration, they also have two camps in Tanzania namely Serengeti Bushtops located in the northern Serengeti and then a third, very unique camp which moves seasonally between the central and southern Serengeti, in sync with the famous wildebeest migration.

Roving Bushtops unfolds like a Meccano set from canvas clad shipping containers, transforming as if by magic, into the most beautiful of safari tents – complete with ensuite bathrooms and the gorgeous hot tubs so synonymous with the Bushtops experience. You can actually watch this fascinating process unfold in a  time-lapse (literally) on their website.

Roving Bushtops in Tanzania's Serengeti

Roving Bushtops in Tanzania’s Serengeti


Bushtops Safari Camps has long been synonymous with unparalleled safari adventures that blend unspoiled wilderness and adrenaline-fuelled safari encounters with exceptional hospitality and sumptuous accommodation.

Bushtops offers an array of game drives, guided bush walks, cultural encounters and hot air balloon safaris, providing guests with the opportunity to witness the Big Five and countless other species in their natural habitat.  They also offer some wonderful Bushcraft Challenge activities and immersive experiences for children.

Bushtops is deeply committed to sustainable and responsible tourism and actively supports a number of local communities and conservation initiatives on the ground, to not only give back  – but to help regenerate precious resources for future generations.

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About Bushtops Safari Camps:

Bushtops Safari Camps, based in Kenya and Tanzania, offer some of the most luxurious and immersive safari experiences in Africa. With a deep commitment to conservation and sustainability, they provide an unforgettable journey through the wild landscapes of Africa, combining beautiful safari camps and warm, personal hospitality with exhilarating wildlife encounters, including front row seats to the iconic migration.