Turkish Airlines emphasizes its global reach in its next commercial video with Kobe Bryant and Lionel Messi

Istanbul, Turkey, 2013-12-09 — /travelprnews.com/ — Turkish Airlines now makes the whole world more accessible for its passengers by flying to nearly 200 international destinations. In recognition, it has adopted a new branding that emphasizes its global reach.

In recent years, Turkish Airlines has greatly expanded its place in the global aviation community by a series of large-scale aircraft orders, continual network expansion and the implementation of other significant investments designed to make Turkish Airlines a truly global brand. The “Globally Yours” motto substantially increased international awareness of these efforts by creating an image highlighting the development process while enhancing the brand. Turkish Airlines has now positioned itself as an important player within the global aviation community and has won a significant number of awards that reinforce this status. It is now time to apply a new brand identity that emphasizes this impressive progress and moves the airline into its future.

Today, Turkish Airlines offers the world’s most comprehensive network and aims to bring the passenger experience to a new level with its expanded fleet, the location of its Istanbul hub that allows for one stop connections between virtually any two cities on earth and the rich cultural heritage which has helped to form the basis of its award-winning service. Its enhanced strategy is to make passengers feel special and valued throughout their travel by developing new innovations at each stage of travel, offering them pleasant surprises and bringing them a diverse and memorable travel experience.

Superior service is the distinguishing mark of Turkish Airlines, separating it from its competitors. By upgrading its already excellent offerings, it is, in essence competing with itself as it continues to upgrade and enhances the passenger experience, trying to move customer satisfaction to an even higher level, and increasing the differentiation between Turkish Airlines and its competition.

These changes include a new catering concept which has recently been introduced to enrich the dining experience with “samovar” and “candle light” features. Turkish Airlines continues to utilize its “Flying Chiefs” on long flights; and offer a cabin entertainment system which includes nearly 400 films and one thousand CD albums, as well as radio and news channels. Its “Invest On Board” digital platform enables its guests to encounter, in flight, fascinating and enterprising ideas presented by important business figures from around the world; plus live TV, CIP Lounges which bring a unique level of comfort and ease to its passengers before and after their flights. All of these changes display the desire of Turkish Airlines to provide an unmatched travel experience.

It is in keeping with this impressive array of features that Turkish Airlines introduces its new brand communication and invites everyone to explore new horizons with its new motto; “Widen Your World”.

Plus, a sequel to its legendary commercial;

In recognition of this new initiative, Turkish Airlines unveiled its next commercial video, featuring its global brand ambassadors and international sports megastars, Kobe Bryant and Lionel Messi, shot by the airline’s new ad agency, Crispin Porter + Bogusky. The new commercial film was introduced at a press conference which was held on Wednesday, 3rd December at the Manhattan Beach Marriott Hotel, Los Angeles, included the participations of Turkish Airlines CMO Faruk Çizmecioğlu and the brand’s ambassador, Kobe Bryant.

The “Kobe vs. Messi: Shootout” commercial is a sequel to “Kobe vs. Messi: Legends on Board”, the first commercial in the series that became a hit across the globe and has become the most-viewed commercial in YouTube’s history. Approximately 200 people took part in shooting the “Kobe vs. Messi: Shootout” commercial film and it has been broadcast across 170 countries in over 20 different languages, and it is estimated to be viewed more than 105 million times. The subsequent commercial video, jointly produced by Crispin Porter + Bogusky’s London and Los Angeles offices, has been released to coincide with the release of the new motto.

In the commercial, which emphasizes the global network of the airline, Kobe and Messi resume their friendly rivalry by trading “selfies” taken in exotic locations; such as Red Square in Moscow, The Great Wall of China, the Maldives, Bangkok and Mount Kilimanjaro, all of which are Turkish Airlines destinations.

Throughout the commercial, the competitive athletes are seen at various airports consulting the airline’s information boards for their flights. In the ad’s final shot, Messi takes a “selfie” in Sultanahmet Square in Istanbul—only to be photobombed by Kobe.

The commercial not only emphasizes the airline’s global reach, but also provides a smile for the viewer–with the invitation to “Widen Your World”.

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