Travel Alberta: Mystery Town Tours launches an exciting way to discover Canmore

Part tour, part game: Get the texts, solve the clues, unlock the adventure!

CANMORE, AB, 2018-Jan-11 — /Travel PR News/ — Whether you’ve known Canmore for 20 minutes or 20 years, a new phone-driven tour adventure promises an exciting way to discover a whole new side of the town – for locals and visitors alike.

Created by Andrew Nickerson, pioneer of Alberta’s popular Canmore Uncorked Food and Drink Festival, MYSTERY TOWN TOURS combine the fun of a treasure hunt, the clue-solving challenge of an escape room, and the excitement of an optional race against a leaderboard – taking you behind the scenes to “hidden gem” secret spots you wouldn’t know.

“It’s a great fit for all types of people, from local history buffs, active travelers, and day-trippers, to couples looking for a memorable date. It’s much more than just a tour. It’s a brain-teasing adventure, and we’ve designed it to be the most exciting and authentic way to explore Canmore,” Nickerson says.

Whether you take on the challenge with your partner, friends, family, or colleagues, all you need is a group of two or more people, your cellphones – and your thinking caps.

“You use your phone as your guide, and we send you a series of themed riddles via text message, or via the Mystery Town Tours App. Each clue leads you on a short walk to find a hidden word or solve a puzzle, discovering the Canmore’s little-known wonders along the way.”

A Canmore resident of nine years, Nickerson is always delighted to find new wonders around the town.

“I thought I’d seen every corner of Canmore – so I was surprised at the number of hidden gems I stumbled upon while looking for unique attractions. During the product-testing process over the last few months, many guests were long-time locals – and they were quite shocked to discover fascinating places they’d never seen or heard about in their hometown.”

MYSTERY TOWN TOURS are available in different lengths (90 minutes to a full afternoon) and levels of difficulty (simple to cryptic). Tours can be experienced any day, rain or shine – just dress for the weather. Since some tours cover up to 6km, exercise is an added bonus, so you can choose to walk or take your bike.

“Tours are extremely flexible. Easy-going explorers can take in the sights and enjoy the tour at their own pace, while more competitive types can race the leaderboard to earn their title as record-setting champions. You can start on whichever date you like, within a set time window, and choose from different tour types,” Nickerson says.

Two different tours – each based on a different mystery to be solved – are now available in Canmore: Unchained Melody (3-5 hours, $99 per group of 2-4 players) and Smuggler’s Blues (1-2 hours, $49 per group of 2-4 players). In addition, a number of group, party and team-building options are also available in both Canmore, and Victoria, BC.

Most tours are designed for teams of 2-4 players, while larger groups break into teams with the option to race each other. Team-building  tours are also available, with couples’ tours also coming soon, by popular demand, Nickerson says.

Following many tweaks throughout the testing process, Nickerson is confident that the tours strike the perfect balance between exploration, interaction, and a good challenge. However, he offers a friendly word of warning: Mystery Town Tours cannot accept responsibility for any frustration, skullduggery or damaged relationships caused by “riddle-rage”!

“Get ready to think, frown, grin, laugh – and maybe even bicker – as you solve each clue. Luckily, the reward is worth the ‘risk’ to your relationships. You skip the small-talk, bond over the brain-teasers and uncover a different side of your team or partner, and yourself. And it’s all in good fun.”

Stay tuned for more Mystery Town Tours in Canmore and Victoria. Also launching in Calgary and Banff in 2018!
So grab a partner (or 3!) and get set for an adventure that’s sure to surprise you! Want to find out more, or book a tour? Visit

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SOURCE: Travel Alberta