The world’s biggest gathering of Digital Nomads is happening now in Bulgaria with 700+ nomads from the Americas, Europe, Asia & Australia

BANSKO, Bulgaria, 2023-Jun-27 — /Travel PR News/ — Bulgaria’s mountain wonderland hosts the world’s biggest gathering of Digital Nomads.

Peek into the lives of digital nomads, unravel the secrets of their location-independent lifestyle, and understand why they’ve chosen Bulgaria’s mountain village as their haven.

Get ready to uncover the world of digital nomads at Bansko Nomad Fest, a thrilling event showcasing the unstoppable rise of location-independent lifestyle. With over 35 million digital nomads worldwide and an astounding 131% increase since 2019, this conference and festival promises an experience like no other.

With participants hailing from over 40 countries, including far-flung destinations like Australia and Japan, Bansko Nomad Fest showcases a truly global gathering. The United States takes the lead as the most represented country, followed by Germany, the UK, and Israel. However, in Bansko, you might encounter nomads from all continents (except maybe Antarctica).  

The most represented countries at Bansko Nomad Fest 2023

Bansko Nomad Fest 2023

Group photo from Bansko Nomad Fest opening


During Bansko Nomad Fest, it’s incredibly easy to meet new people and connect. The town of Bansko is bustling with digital nomads, recognizable by their festival bracelets. Imagine stepping into a restaurant where tables are occupied, most of them by fellow Fest attendees. They’ll wave at you and invite you to join them, even if you’ve never met before. These spontaneous connections happen all the time during Bansko Nomad Fest, creating a friendly and welcoming environment that fosters lifelong friendships and powerful collaborations

“A perfect example was our little hiking party that gathered spontaneously on the last day to see some mountain lakes – one Polish, one Bulgarian, one Dutch, one Israeli, one Indian, and one American.” – quote from last year’s participant

Who are Digital Nomads and what drives them? 

Digital Nomads are not confined by borders or traditional career paths. In the nomad community, you will find remote workers with 9-5 jobs, but also startup founders, solopreneurs, online business owners, crypto traders, life coaches, and content creators. They are driven by the desire for independence, curiosity of the world, ability to travel and connect with like-minded people. They not only want to be location-independent but free to work on their own terms. The ultimate goal for many is a source of passive income or early retirement so that they can enjoy their lives to the fullest. Work-life balance is not just a buzzword here. 

What interests Digital Nomads? 

Artificial Intelligence

Digital nomads have diverse interests that shape their unique lifestyle. They are fascinated by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its potential to revolutionize their work and boost productivity. Many nomads are tech-savvy and early adopters of AI tools like Chat GPT or Midjourney. Some have even embraced AI as a source of income, becoming specialists and consultants in the field. Rather than fearing job displacement, nomads view AI as a means to achieve a better work-life balance, allowing them more time for leisure and enjoyment. The Nomad Fest will feature several keynotes, unconference talks, and skill-sharing sessions dedicated to exploring the exciting possibilities of AI.

AI-related talks at Bansko Nomad Fest include: 

  • “AI-Driven Success: Inspiring Business Growth & Adaptation” 
  • “30 minutes of work: Using AI to find new clients and automate business operations”
  • “From 0 to 9M downloads in a year: passive income with AI mobile apps” 
  • “AI-powered tools that boost remote work productivity”

Productivity & Work-Life Balance

Another key focus for digital nomads is productivity and work-life balance. They recognize the importance of optimizing their workflows and finding harmony between work and personal life. The Nomad Fest will offer valuable insights and talks on strategies for maximizing productivity while maintaining a fulfilling lifestyle.

Productivity & Work-Life Balance related talks at Bansko Nomad Fest include:

  • “How I went from being a workaholic to a 25-hour work week whilst growing the business”
  • “The Real 4-Hour work week – make more, while doing less”
  • “Gamify Your Life – how gamification can help you motivate yourself and achieve your goals”
  • “Asynchronous Remote Work”


Relationships pose unique challenges for nomads. Their lifestyle often makes it difficult to form lasting partnerships, resulting in many nomads being single. Even when connections are formed, differing travel plans often create obstacles. There is even a dating app designed especially for nomads called Nomad Soulmates. However, there are also nomadic couples and families who have successfully embraced this lifestyle, and the festival will feature a talk on nomading with children: “Yes, you CAN be a Digital Nomad WITH Kids!”

Relationships related talks at Bansko Nomad Fest include:

  • “The Digital Nomad’s Guide to Love: Finding and Maintaining Fulfilling Relationships While Living Life on the Road” 
  • “The Attachment Theory: Discover the key to building strong, emotionally fulfilling relationships in 3 steps”
  • “Connection-making for Digital Nomads: How to connect stronger than wifi”
  • “What a Digital Nomad can learn from the philosopher Hippocrates to improve their relationships”

Content Creation

Many nomads are content creators, embracing various forms of media such as travel blogging, vlogging, podcasting, and more. Even those who are not content creators by profession utilize content in their businesses, recognizing its power to engage and connect with their audience.

Content creation related talks at Bansko Nomad Fest include:

  • “From Japan to the world! How to change your life with your own Podcast”
  • “Can Social Media help you achieve your goals?”
  • “Successful self-publishing – that makes money – without using Amazon”

Check out what bloggers attending Bansko Nomad Fest in 2022 say about the event:

“They call themselves location independent, and when asked where they are from, they would answer “I grew up in…” or “I am originally from…”. However, right now, they are from nowhere and everywhere at the same time. Those are the true digital nomads. Not all of us are made for such a lifestyle, though. So the community includes all kinds of remote workers, those who nomad all the time and those who go on a workation a few times a year.”

“Over the last few years, Bansko has grown into a digital nomad hub in Europe, and the nomad festival compresses the magic of the town into one week. As an attendee, you get to come and learn about everything Bansko has to offer and meet hundreds of new nomad friends, as well as tips to succeed as a digital nomad. During the week, there’s a mix of presentations, workshops, sports, mindfulness, nature, outdoor activities, and parties.”

“A few examples of the people you will find at Bansko Nomad Fest include graphic designers, virtual assistants, web designers, translators, investors, dropshippers, website flippers, travel bloggers (hello!), podcasters, business consultants, life coaches, English teachers and so, so much more. If hippy woo-woo stuff is more your cup of tea then don’t worry – there are plenty of yoga teachers, hypnotists, tantra people and tarot readers who are digital nomads too!”

Startups,  Online Business, Passive Income

The entrepreneurial spirit thrives among digital nomads, with a strong focus on business ventures and startups. Many nomads are founders of successful startups, some having even experienced lucrative exits. In addition to more traditional businesses, the nomad community showcases an array of innovative online ventures, including human design coaching, tantra coaching, online fitness coaching, and more. The pursuit of passive income is highly sought after, as it promises improved work-life balance and the freedom to travel.

Business related talks at Bansko Nomad Fest include:

  • “How to build your digital wealth while traveling by using your existing skills to help decentralized Web3 startups”
  • “From Zero to a 7-figure Exit: copy us with these 8 tips”
  • “Future Travel Trends: 25 Hot Startups and Projects to Follow”
  • “From Hustle to Automation: Building a Personal Brand that Runs Itself”
  • “How I transformed my Photography Hobby into a Successful Business”

You can find a list of all keynotes at All the keynotes are live-streamed on the Bansko Nomad Fest Facebook page: 

Bansko Nomad Fest 2023

Bansko Nomad Fest 2023 keynote

The Power of Community

Bansko Nomad Fest is fueled by a strong and vibrant community that resonates throughout the digital nomad world. A dedicated team of 120 international volunteers works tirelessly to ensure an unforgettable experience for all attendees. And on the first day of the event, more than 100 unconference talks were spontaneously pitched by participants. The topics covered during the Unconference include:

  • Indie Hacking
  • Creative Writing – How to outsmart Chat GPT
  • Psychedelics
  • Sitting is the New Smoking – optimizing one’s ergonomics and improving posture
  • Creating an app without coding
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Goals Visualization
  • Money Mindset
  • Human Design
  • Spirit Animals Guided Meditation
  • Kundalini Activation
  • Tantra Workshop
  • Thai Boxing Class with Hungarian Thai Boxing Champion 
Bansko Nomad Fest 2023

Bansko Nomad Fest Unconference 2023

Why Bansko?

Bansko, a Bulgarian ski resort turned digital nomad hotspot, has captured the attention of location-independent individuals worldwide. Despite its small size, Bansko has all the ingredients that attract digital nomads looking for an ideal base. Affordable prices, a charming town nestled in the mountains, and a vibrant atmosphere are just a few of the reasons why nomads flock to this destination.

In 2016, Matthias Zeitler, a German digital nomad, established Coworking Bansko, which quickly transformed into a thriving community hub. Nomads are drawn to Coworking Bansko not only for its well-equipped workspaces, including quiet areas, a rooftop space, and a garden but also for the strong sense of community it fosters. Weekly events, such as board games, poker nights, and group outings, bring people together and create lasting connections. 

In 2020, Matthias organized the inaugural Bansko Nomad Fest, defying the challenges posed by the pandemic. Despite the circumstances, the event drew more than 100 digital nomads, marking the beginning of its remarkable journey. Since then, the festival has steadily gained recognition within the nomad community, becoming the world’s biggest digital nomad gathering!

But Bansko offers more than just coworking spaces. It checks off all the boxes that digital nomads seek in a place to live. With its low cost of living, favorable tax environment, enchanting natural beauty, rich history, and delectable cuisine, Bansko provides the perfect backdrop for nomadic living. 

Beyond work, Bansko offers a wide range of activities to suit every nomad’s interests. This charming town is a paradise for adventure enthusiasts, offering exciting activities such as skiing in winter, hiking, and mountain biking in summer, and exhilarating rafting experiences. For those seeking relaxation, the hot springs provide a soothing retreat. While foodies can indulge in the flavors of Bulgaria through wine tasting and savor the mouthwatering delights of traditional Bulgarian cuisine at the numerous restaurants scattered throughout the town.

No wonder many nomads have acquired Bulgarian residence and purchased real estate properties in the town. Some of them have even started learning Bulgarian!

Pirin mountains close to Bansko

Pirin mountains close to Bansko

Semkovo – transforming an abandoned communist hotel into an international coliving space

In the tranquil mountain village of Semkovo, a remarkable transformation is underway. Matthias Zeitler, the driving force behind Bansko’s digital nomad community, has embarked on a visionary project to convert an abandoned communist hotel into an international coliving space. This expansive property features two wings of living quarters, complemented by a communal area encompassing a restaurant, bar, ballroom, and even a swimming pool. As you explore the premises, the hotel’s untouched furnishings and equipment evoke a captivating journey back to the 1980s.

Coliving Semkovo

Coliving Semkovo

You can follow the event LIVE on the official Instagram of Bansko Nomad Fest and bloggers attending: 

Past editions of Bansko Nomad Fest

Bansko Nomad Fest has caught the attention of various media outlets in past editions, including: 

  • The Telegraph; Inside the secret world of the digital nomads What happens when a thousand laptop-clutching remote workers meet at a conference in Bulgaria. 
  • Skift; Americans, Germans, Cypriots and Brits are descending on a small mountain town for the week-long Bansko Nomad Fest. Here’s why.
  • Globetrender; A global conference specifically for digital nomads, Bansko Nomad Fest inspires and connects people seeking to work from anywhere.
  • Deutsche Welle; Bansko is now believed to have more co-working spaces per capita than pretty much any other place in the world.
  • WirtschaftsWoche (German)
  • Bloomberg TV (Bulgarian)
  • Bulgarian National TV (Bulgarian)


Anna Ambroszkiewicz 

Press & Media Communications — Bansko Nomad Fest