The best way to go on a Disney holiday

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Windermere, FL, 2021-Jun-10 — /Travel PR News/ — Thinking of treating your family to an amazing Disney trip this summer? We’ve got you covered!

Planning holidays aren’t very fun. Thinking about where you’re going to stay, what you’re going to eat, what type of tickets you need takes a lot of thought and consideration.

But the result is a magical holiday, whether you’re going on your own or if you’re bringing the whole family along. Disney World is the most visited destination in the USA, so it must be a very special place.

However, Disney World may be a big financial burden for most people, so it requires a lot more commitment and thought than most holidays. If you’re going with a large family, the costs can rack up with multiple rooms needed to be booked. 

If you’ve decided to save up for the trip then you’ve made a great decision. Disney World is unlike any other holiday as it is great for all ages, and it transports you to a different world. So you’ll be sure to have no complaints from bored children on your holiday.

To help you out we’ve put together a list of the best ways to make the most out of your trip and make your trips to Disney World and make your trips a little cheaper by introducing you to the Disney Vacation Club.

How to make the most out of your Disney World trip

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When you first arrive at the theme park it can seem very overwhelming, with all the activities on show. For most of the year, it is also very busy so it’s quite easy to get lost especially if you’ve never been before. 

The best thing to do when you first arrive is to try and get used to the place. Look at maps around, ask around and try and visit as many places as possible. The great thing about Disney is they have lots of staff and helpers on hand if you’re lost or simply don’t know which activities to go to.

Try and brush up on your Disney knowledge before going. Spend some time watching movies with your kids or friends, try and get to know the characters. If you know more about Disney stories before you visit, it will make the trip extra special!

Go to the park in different environments. Day and night in Disney world are completely different atmospheres. The nighttime vibe of Disney is much more enchanting and very different on the day, so please don’t miss it. But it’s a good idea not to go every night- you won’t enjoy your trip very much if you’re tired throughout the day!

What is the Disney Vacation Club

For those who are looking to visit Disney World more often, then it’s a great idea to think about joining the Disney Vacation Club. The Disney Vacation Club is basically like having a timeshare holiday property but with Disney World instead. 

You can become a member and book a vacation by earning or buying vacation points. This allows you to go to whichever Disney resort you prefer as often as you like and at any time you like. You can also book exclusive Disney Vacation Club accommodation with vacation points.

We recommend you only join the Disney Vacation Club if you’re going to a Disney resort at least every other year. If you do go this often, this is a great way to book your Disney holidays and also make them slightly cheaper.

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Prices of Vacation Points

You can buy points in two different ways, direct from Disney Vacation Club or resale points. Prices also vary depending on the resorts. For example, the DVC direct prices in 2021 in Alauni, at Hawaii Disney, are around $201 per point. But the DVC direct prices in 2021 in Grand Californian Disney are around $295.

It is cheaper to buy resale points; DVC resale points can be around 40-50% cheaper than DVC direct prices.

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