TAP invites its Customers to travel to some of the sets of Game of Thrones, in Spain

Lisbon, Portugal, 2017-Jul-27 — /Travel PR News/ — The Airline has associated with the most watched TV series in the world and invites its Customers to travel to some of the sets of Game of Thrones, in Spain

TAP has associated with the Portuguese TV channel SYFY for the premier of the seventh season of Game of Thrones, the most watched TV series in the world, and invites its Customers to travel to some of its dazzling sets, in Spain.

The Real Alcázar of Seville is the Royal Spanish Family’s official residence when visiting Seville. In Game of Thrones, it is also a royal residence – Sunspear, in Dorne – and the set for one of Season 6 episodes. In that same episode, it is possible to find Cordoba’s Roman Bridge – around 100 kilometres from Seville –, built by the romans during their occupation of the province of Andalusia. In Game of Thrones, it is part of the old city of Volantis. TAP flies twice day, from Lisbon, to Seville Airport, the closest to both sets.

The XVII century Castle of Zafra is located in the county of Campillo de Dueñas, province of Guadalajara. Built on top of a rocky formation, this was the spot chosen for two of the most awaited scenes in the series, at the Tower of Joy, in the kingdom of Dorne, on episode 3 and 10 of Season 6. The closest airport to both sets is Madrid-Barajas, to where TAP operates 45 weekly frequencies from Lisbon, and 12 from Porto.

Three of the sets chosen by the creators of Game of Thrones are located in Girona, in Catalonia: the Arab Baths House – in the show, Braavos –, Saint Mary of Girona Cathedral – King’s Landing – and parts of Girona’s Old Quarter – Oldtown, Reach. The capital of Catalonia, Barcelona, is served by TAP, from Lisbon, with 46 weekly frequencies.

The Dothraki Sea is, in reality, Bardenas Reales Natural Park, small desert of the Navarre region, in the north of Spain. With its 42 thousand hectares of stunning arid landscapes and rain-sculpted rock formations, it’s about 230 Km away from Bilbao, in the Basque Country. To this city, TAP flies twice a day, from Lisbon.

TAP flies to 11 destinations in Spain

TAP currently flies to Madrid from Lisbon and Porto, as well as, from Lisbon, to Barcelona, Asturias, Bilbao, A Coruña, Málaga, Seville, Valencia and Vigo, having begun operating to Alicante and Gran Canaria on June 10th this year.

On the first semester this year, near 780 thousand passengers have already travel between Portugal and Spain, which represent an increase of 57 per cent over the same period of 2016. TAP predicts to carry, until the end of this year, around 1.7 million passengers in these routes.

The Spanish market is of great importance to TAP, since it represents 10 per cent of the total traffic of the Airline’s network, being the second most representative country. This importance is increased by the fact that these routes often mean connecting traffic to the remaining network, namely to Americas, Africa, Azores and Madeira.

Source: TAP