Ryanair’s Future Secure At Brussels Charleroi – No Moves To Zaventem

2012-12-11 — /travelprnews.com/ — Ryanair, Europe’s favourite airline today (11 Dec) rejected recent speculation emanating from the Belgian Government and/or Brussels Airlines that there was some prospect that Ryanair would move to Brussels Zaventem when Brussels Airlines disappears due to its catastrophic losses. Ryanair has rejected this idle speculation and confirmed its commitment to its base at Brussels Charleroi, where Ryanair has operated for 15 years, and has built a growing and successful partnership with Brussels South Charleroi Airport.

Ryanair confirmed that it has recently reaffirmed its traffic development plans with Brussels Charleroi Airport, that it continues to add new aircraft and new routes at Charleroi, continues to grow traffic and jobs in Charleroi, and that it has no intention of moving to Brussels Zaventem, even if Brussels Airlines, an airline which is effectively controlled by Lufthansa, ceases operations.

Ryanair called on the Belgian Government to reject Brussels Airlines pathetic attempt to obtain subsidies for its high labour costs, which would result in the Belgian taxpayer effectively subsidising Lufthansa, one of Europe’s strongest airline groups.

Ryanair pointed out that Lufthansa freely chose to take a 45% stake in Brussels Airlines, and if Lufthansa is unhappy with Brussels Airlines cost base, then it should reduce those costs or invest in the airline, rather than inappropriately pressurising the Belgian Government to subsidise another large Lufthansa partner.

Ryanair’s Stephen McNamara said:

“Ryanair is extremely proud of its 15 year partnership with Brussels Charleroi Airport. As our recent 10 year extension confirms, we remain committed to Brussels Charleroi regardless of what happens with Brussels Airlines and Zaventem.

“We are quite clear that if Brussels Airlines needs funding, then it should come from its principal shareholder Lufthansa, and not from artificial state aids or subsidies from the Belgian Government. In any event, Brussels Airlines problems are far deeper than its salary costs, or its airport costs at Zaventem. Our analysis suggests that Brussels Airlines is simply another high fare, high cost, airline in an era when most passengers want low fares and efficient services such as that provided successfully by Ryanair at Brussels Charleroi Airport.”