Potential record breaking week for Aberdeen Airport

2012-10-8 — /travelprnews.com/ — Aberdeen Airport is gearing up for what could be its busiest day on record.

The start of the school October holidays are historically one of the peaks of the year for passenger numbers, however forecasts suggest this year could be a record breaker.

More than 7,500 passengers are expected to pass through the terminal on Friday 12th October alone, an increase of almost 19% on the start of the 2011 October break.

The previous record of 6,338 passengers was set on Friday 7th October last year.

George Eady is one of the airport Duty Managers who has been helping pull together the plans for the operation. “The reason this date is expected to be so busy is owing to the fact that we have a full flight schedule, with an extra four holiday charters on top.

“This sort of schedule puts a real challenge on our operation, and as such we have been working hard behind the scenes for some time to prepare every department for the influx of passengers. That means getting extra staff in security, making sure all the airlines are fully manned, bringing people in to assist with the catering units, and even getting the management team onto the floor to help with passenger advice.

“Our preparations for major events are well rehearsed and well-practised, for example we are using a similar planning model for this holiday rush that we used to prepare for the influx of passengers during the most recent Offshore Europe.

George Cowie is the Head of Security at Aberdeen Airport. He reminds passengers that there is a simple way in which to ease the stress of travelling. “By getting ready for security and preparing any liquids in advance, passengers really can help us help them.

“The main issue that causes queues in our security area is when passengers put their bags through the x-ray without removing the liquids. The process to locate, search and re-screen that bag takes more than 5 times as long as a passenger who is prepared.

“All we ask is that before you leave the house you put all your liquids, gels, creams and pastes into your checked-in bag. Liquids in containers of less than 100ml can be taken through security, if they are presented in a clear re-sealable plastic bag and taken out of your hand luggage, but when in doubt – just check them in.

If there are liquids that you need to fly with, such as baby food or medication, follow the guidelines on our website, www.aberdeenairport.com/security

“We really do appreciate people’s cooperation and preparation, and by following a few simple steps you can help take the stress out of your journey.”