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(IN SHORT) IMAGINE PR has been appointed as the North American Public Relations Representative for Pegasus Lodges, a unique travel experience provider. Pegasus Lodges focuses on offering immersive experiences in remote and extraordinary locations, emphasizing authenticity and a connection to local communities and resources. The company currently operates four lodges, each in distinct and pristine settings, catering to travelers seeking adventure and connection with nature.

(PRESS RELEASE) New York City, 2023-Oct-29 — /Travel PR News/ – IMAGINE PR has been appointed as the North American Public Relations Representative for Pegasus Lodges.

Pegasus Lodges, a unique travel experience provider, is a brand born out of a deep love for exploration, adventure, and the thrill of the unknown. The company’s journey began as a personal quest to reconnect with the simple pleasures of life after the founders had pursued careers in law and investment banking.

Pegasus Lodges stands out because it seeks out the extraordinary and remote. The brand values authenticity and is deeply connected to the local communities and resources it depends on. The goal is to provide well-traveled and affluent guests with immersive experiences that showcase the beauty of untouched places. It’s not about pampering or shielding guests from the raw elements of nature, but about letting them live the adventure and interact with the environment.

The founders themselves are ardent fans of the experiences they create and are eager to share these unique adventures with the world. Their commitment to delivering exceptional experiences is not solely a business endeavor but a genuine passion that drives their decisions and actions. Their origin story is a testament to the power of following one’s passions and embracing a life of freedom and adventure.

The strength of Pegasus Lodges lies in its boldness to discover and develop these remote, challenging destinations. The founders are willing to take risks and overcome logistical challenges to bring these experiences to life. They understand that the road to these destinations can be challenging but know it’s worth it because they genuinely love these places and the experiences they offer. Similarly, Pegasus Lodges’ guests are willing to be on the leading edge and participate in creating extraordinary experiences.

Founded in 2012, the Pegasus Lodges portfolio currently features four lodges: Pinnacles North Telo, Telo Island Lodge, Aganoa Beach Fales and Nootka Wilderness Lodge. Every experience and location stands out as distinctly unique, not only in a relative sense but in an absolute sense as well. The spirit of surfing, the thrill of fishing, the wonder of hiking, and more all come together in a carefully curated tapestry of adventure.

Pinnacles North Telo, a 50-acre private island in the Telos Islands, Indonesia, offers astonishing views of the crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean that surround the property. This remote island provides guests with a variety of activities, including world-class surf adventures and a diverse selection of wellness offerings, creating a perfect blend of excitement and relaxation in this coastal paradise. Telo Island Lodge, set in its unique surroundings, invites travelers to explore unspoiled natural beauty, world-class waves, and a rustic-chic ambiance. Guests can engage in various activities, such as snorkeling, fishing, yoga sessions, and eco-tours, ensuring a well-rounded and enriching experience in this still undiscovered Indian Ocean destination. Aganoa Lodge Samoa, nestled on a five-acre oceanfront property, adjacent to the Tafua Rainforest Preserve provides an ideal destination for groups and families. At Aganoa Lodge Samoa, guests are expertly guided on surfing adventures, as well as catering to land travelers who seek an active and enriching cultural experience. Nootka Wilderness Lodge, a floating fishing lodge anchored in the heart of Vancouver Island’s Nootka Sound, invites adventurers to cold-water surfing and world-class sports fishing amid a secluded wilderness backdrop.Top of FormBottom of Form

In addition to individual travelers, Pegasus Lodges’ properties are ideal for families and groups, offering spacious accommodations, large gathering places, and a plethora of activities to create memorable experiences.

This year, Pegasus Lodges is spreading its wings, venturing into uncharted territory with new properties set in the pristine landscapes of the Azores and Kiribati in the Pacific. Additionally, the brand is on a quest to unveil hidden gems in lesser-known parts of the Dominican Republic. While the company’s horizon broadens, Pegasus Lodges remains dedicated to its core principles, promising discerning travelers high-touch, authentic experiences. The essence of the brand remains deeply rooted in a profound passion for adventure. Staying true to their DNA is paramount, even as they adapt to the evolving market demands and cater to a diverse clientele.

Pegasus is more than a travel brand; it’s a manifestation of a boundless love for adventure. The sense of community and the authentic encounters with nature and local culture make a stay at Pegasus Lodges unforgettable.

More information on Pegasus Lodges can be found here.

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