Oslo Airport installed feedback screens in all of the airport’s restroom facilities

OSLO, 2015-12-11 — /Travel PR News/ — Oslo Airport has renovated its restroom facilities, a move which has been greatly appreciated by passengers. Eighty-five per cent now say that the quality of the restroom facilities in the nation’s main airport is good. This is a 20 per cent increase from the summer of 2014.

“We have installed feedback screens in all of the airport’s restroom facilities so that passengers can tell us if they are dissatisfied with anything,” says Manager Terminal Operations Hans Bendik Eriksen.

He is responsible for ensuring that all 65 restroom facilities in the nation’s main airport are always clean and pleasant for the several thousand passengers who travel through here every day. More restroom facilities were recently added to meet the growing number of passengers, and the existing restrooms were given a proper facelift. This has yielded good results on feedback from passengers.

“We have received more than 1.3 million feedback reports since early 2014. When 85 per cent of these pushed the ‘satisfied’ indicator, this tells us that we are headed in the right direction,” says Eriksen.

Tell us what you don’t like

The screens in the restrooms allow passengers to select between three different symbols – green, yellow and red faces. Pushing the green face shows that you are satisfied with the experience, but if you choose the yellow or red face, alternatives will pop up so you can indicate what you are dissatisfied with. This gives the cleaning staff at Oslo Airport direct feedback on what they could improve.

“This allows passengers to report directly to us, and we get the message, plain and clear. This better equips us to offer passengers a superior product,” he says.

Passenger-controlled cleaning in the future

Moving toward next summer, all cleaning staff on duty will be equipped with iPads that are connected to the feedback screens in the restrooms. Feedback from a dissatisfied passenger will thus be sent directly to the nearest cleaner, so the problem can be dealt with immediately.

“With this, we will in practice achieve passenger-controlled cleaning. For example, if there is not enough soap in a restroom, the passenger can provide this feedback directly using the screens. The cleaners that are closest will then receive this message immediately, and can refill soap very quickly,” says Eriksen.

Ambitious goal for the future

While feedback from passengers is good today, Eriksen and the rest of his team want to elevate the experience even further for passengers in the future. They have therefore set a tough, but feasible goal for 2018:

“We must have excellent restroom facilities if we want to be considered one of Europe’s best airports. We have therefore set a goal of 95 per cent passenger satisfaction when we review the status in 2018. This will be challenging of course, but we believe that the passenger-controlled cleaning measure, in addition to a number of other actions we have taken, will make this possible,” says Eriksen.


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Oslo Airport installed feedback screens in all of the airport's restroom facilities

Oslo Airport installed feedback screens in all of the airport’s restroom facilities