New Study Reveals Which Hotel Booking Website Offers the Best Deals 

A new study reveals which hotel booking website offers the best deals .

Rhode Island, RI, 2022-Aug-18 — /Travel PR News/ — Traveling the world is a thrilling experience, however, soaring costs are making it unattainable for some vacationers.

For most travelers, finalizing flights and accommodations are top priorities, but the cost can put a dampener on holiday excitement. However, scouting out various hotel booking websites can help save some cash.

Travel insurance comparison site InsureMyTrip examined relevant data to determine which hotel booking website offers travelers the most cost-effective choices.

The study compares the prices of 50 hotels in 10 global tourist hotspots. Each city is assessed on its daily rates listed on, Expedia, and directly through the hotel’s website.

Overall, offers the most cost-effective accommodations. It is cheaper than other websites in 289 instances. Expedia and direct bookings are cheaper in 283 and 159 instances respectively. is the least cost-effective option, offering a better deal than other websites in 54 instances.

In New York City hotel prices quadrupled over the past two years and the study found that the average price of a hotel room will set you back $318. However, it’s also the city where you could save the most money – if you do a bit of searching.

On the average price of a hotel room is $367. However booking through costs $293 on average, netting a saving of $74. Of the 50 hotels analyzed in the Big Apple offers the best deal 62 percent of the time.

With its abundance of beautiful historical buildings and vibrant culture, London is a must-see city for many travelers. However, hotel prices have steadily increased. The average price of a hotel room is $307, but this can vary greatly depending on the site you are using.

On average, rooms booked through cost $331. While hotels booked through and Expedia cost an average of $286. Booking on either of these two sites is more cost-effective 82 percent of the time.

Dubai is expected to be an incredibly popular destination this year since its neighbor, Qatar, is hosting the FIFA World Cup in November. It is predicted that many travelers will take the opportunity to explore the area, including Dubai. You can save yourself some money by searching around for accommodations. A hotel room costs an average of $143, but there are some good bargains depending on which hotel booking website you use.

On, the average price for a room is $166; while Expedia offers better rates. On average, a hotel room booked through Expedia costs $34 less, at $132. Booking through Expedia is the most cost-effective option 66 percent of the time.

In Singapore, inbound flights have dramatically increased this year. It is known for its lush green spaces and impressive marina, but it can be costly to visit. On average, a hotel room will set you back $218. On, the average price of a room is $240, but having a look at other hotel booking websites can save you some cash. On Expedia and, the average price of a room is $208. Using these websites is the most cost-effective option 78 percent of the time.

Paris rounds out the top five cities where you can find the biggest bargain by searching various hotel booking sites. The city of lights is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and one of the most expensive too.

However, comparing prices can help save you some money. Booking through or Expedia can help you find the best bargain. Rooms booked through Expedia cost an average of $220, compared to those on, which cost an average of $250. Booking a room through either Expedia or is more cost-effective 52 percent of the time.

Sarah Webber, Director of Marketing at InsureMyTrip commented: 

“The high cost of travel may be discouraging for Americans. We’re hoping this data encourages protentional-travelers to take a trip, knowing they are getting the best prices on hotel rooms.” 

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