Luggage Safety is a Matter of Technical Performance. A New Exclusive Service for Passengers at Sheremetyevo Airport

2012-08-06 — / — Sheremetyevo International Airport launches an innovative service to protect air travelers’ personal belongings. This exclusive service for air passengers has been developed in cooperation with mySafety — one of the world’s leading companies in the field of protecting customers’ personal belongings.

The customer’s property (documents, digital devices, luggage, etc.) is provided with special safety stickers and labels with unique serial numbers on them, identifying the owner. The customers can choose between two service packages: “For business people” and “Family”.

In the event that items are lost and subsequently found, the mySafety company will deliver them to their owner free of charge in the shortest time possible and pay a reward to the person who found it. The found property will be delivered to its owner at the indicated address, even if it has to be shipped from another part of the world. Due to the prompt detection and return of the lost property, inconvenience for travelers will be kept to a minimum.

This set of services also includes blocking the SIM card of a lost mobile phone, and the “Family” service package includes a service to ensure children’s safety: providing special hypoallergenic safety bracelets that make it possible to find a lost child!

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