Lufthansa Group announced it carried 50 million passengers in the first half-year 2014

Airlines carry nearly 50 million passengers in first half-year / Group increases capacity and sales in passenger business by 1.1 per cent / High load factor of 78.1 per cent for passenger aircraft, on par with last year / Good load factor in freight business as well

Frankfurt, Germany, 2014-7-11 — /Travel PR News/ — The airlines in the Lufthansa Group carried a total of 50 million passengers in the first half-year 2014, 0.8 per cent more than in the same period last year. Although fewer flights were completed, the Group was still able to keep the number of passengers stable over the period. However, average yields declined in the first half of the year compared with last year. Group-wide, the number of flights between January and June was 2.2 per cent lower than last year, partly due to the use of larger aircraft as part of the ongoing fleet modernisation. The strike by the Vereinigung Cockpit pilots’ union from 2-4 April also resulted in flight cancellations. The load factor of 78.1 per cent for the passenger aircraft was stable at the same high level as last year. Capacity (in available seat kilometres) was 1.1 per cent higher than last year, as were sales (measured in revenue seat kilometres).

The number of passengers carried by Lufthansa and Germanwings rose by 1.0 per cent year on year to 36.3 million passengers. The average load factor for the two airlines’ aircraft was almost the same as last year at 77.3 per cent (-0.1 percentage points). Available capacity (seat-kilometres available for sale) at Lufthansa and Germanwings went up from January to June by 0.6 per cent and sales by 0.5 per cent. In the first half-year, 8.2 million passengers flew with Swiss, which was 0.4 per cent fewer than in the same period last year. The passenger load factor still came to a high 81.4 per cent (-0.9 percentage points). Austrian Airlines carried 5.4 million passengers, 1.4 per cent more than the year before. The load factor at Austrian Airlines climbed by 1.8 percentage points to 77.4 per cent.

In a challenging environment, Lufthansa Cargo transported 807,000 tonnes of freight and mail in the first half-year, a fall of 3.8 per cent. Its capacity fell by 2.1 per cent compared with last year, while sales were down 1.9 per cent. Lufthansa Cargo’s load factor increased to 70.1 per cent (+0.2 percentage points). The Group transported a total of 932,000 tonnes of freight and mail (-3.1 per cent). Capacity (measured in cargo tonne-kilometres) shrank by 2.2 per cent, while sales declined by 0.8 per cent. The cargo load factor was also up at 70.2 per cent (+1.1 percentage points).

The Investor Info, which contains a detailed analysis of the traffic figures, is available at The Group’s financial result for the first half-year will be published on 31 July 2014.

Month YOY change in % Cumulative YOY change in %
Lufthansa German Airlines1
Passengers in thousands 7,337 +1.5 36,329 +1.0
Available seat-kilometres in millions 18,305 +2.9 94,360 +0.6
Revenue seat-kilometres in millions 14,940 +2.3 72,966 +0.5
Passenger load factor (per cent) 81.6 -0.5 p. 77.3 -0.1 p.
Number of flights 62,363 -2.4 342,867 -1.4
SWISS (incl. Edelweiss)
Passengers in thousands 1,524 +0.8 8,192 -0.4
Passenger load factor (per cent) 84.8 -1.8 p. 81.4 -0.9 p.
Number of flights 14,102 +0.5 80,522 -2.2
Austrian Airlines
Passengers in thousands 1,069 +0.6 5,362 +1.4
Passenger load factor (per cent) 80.8 +1.5 p. 77.4 +1.8 p.
Number of flights 11,371 -6.1 63,098 -4.9
Lufthansa Cargo AG
Freight/mail in 1,000 t 137 -8.0 807 -3.8
Capacity cargo tonne-kilometres in millions 1,059 -5.1 5,936 -2.1
Revenue cargo tonne-kilometres in millions 721 -6.9 4,162 -1.9
Cargo load factor (per cent) 68.1 -1.3 p. 70.1 +0.2 p.
Number of flights 782 -25.5 4,902 -16.1
Lufthansa Group2
Passengers in thousands 9,930 +1.3 49,883 +0.8
Passenger load factor (per cent) 82.1 -0.5 p. 78.1 + 0.0 p.
Number of flights 88,618 -2.7 491,389 -2.2

1 Incl. Lufthansa Regional and Germanwings
2 Lufthansa German Airlines (incl. Germanwings), Swiss (incl. Edelweiss), Austrian Airlines

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