London Luton Airport’s Travel Trends Report Highlights Adventurous Holiday Habits for 2024

London Luton Airport’s Travel Trends Report Highlights Adventurous Holiday Habits for 2024

  • ‘Swiftie Stays, ‘Destination Dupes’, and ‘Sistermoons’ are amongst the top travel trends to look out for this year as confidence returns to the travel market
  • Travellers are willing to follow their favourite artist on tour (45%), use holiday time to volunteer abroad (39%) and use AI to book their travel itinerary (27%), new research by London Luton Airport has found 
  • Over half (56%) will swap exotic long-haul for cheaper, copycat locations as a result of tighter budgets 

(IN SHORT) London Luton Airport’s latest travel trends report reveals that as passenger numbers approach pre-pandemic levels, holidaymakers are embracing bold and adventurous travel habits for 2024. The report shows that travelers are seeking adventure in their choice of destinations, itineraries, and travel companions. Music fans are willing to explore unknown cities to catch their favorite artists in concert, and many are opting for “Destination Dupes,” finding cheaper alternatives to popular long-haul locations. Additionally, there is a growing trend of “Minimalist Packers,” with travelers opting to pack light and buy essentials abroad for a more eco-friendly travel experience. The report also highlights the rise of “Bravery Breaks” and philanthropic travel, where travelers seek exciting experiences and opportunities to give back.

(PRESS RELEASE) Luton, UK, 2024-Jan-30 — /Travel PR News/ — A new trend report from London Luton Airport (LLA) has found that, as passenger numbers continue to rise closer to pre-pandemic levels, holiday habits are becoming bigger, bolder and braver.

Holidaymakers are seeking adventure in all areas of travel in 2024 – venturing into the unknown when it comes to destinations, itineraries and even travel mates.

Music fans are prepared to follow their favourite artist overseas to find tour availability in unexpected places. Half (50%) of those surveyed admit they would schedule a trip to an unknown country or city to avoid missing out on seeing their favourite artist/band perform live, as 35% said it’s easier to secure tickets abroad than in the UK. Those opting for so-called ‘Swiftie Stays’, coined after Taylor Swift’s Era Tour boosted the US economy by $4.6 billion¹, believe tours offer the perfect excuse to explore a new region (74%), embrace a new culture (71%) and save money in the process (32%).

And over half (56%) of holidaymakers are looking to Destination Dupes for their summer vacation, taking popular long-haul locations and finding cheaper alternatives for the same effect. In a bid to keep up with what’s new, 45% said they are influenced by social media, travelling to trending destinations, even if unfamiliar, such as Albania, dubbed the Maldives of Europe and just a short hop from LLA.

Punchy use of annual leave is also a trend, with almost two-thirds (64%) maximising cheap off-peak travel to minimise time off with a 24-hour round trip abroad. The majority (91%) of Holi-dayers who would opt for an early outbound flight and late return flight said eliminating accommodation costs (39%), the ability to be flexible with last-minute trips (35%), and the ability to explore a new city while enjoying their own bed (35%) were the top allures of same-day travel.

The desire for bravery breaks is set to rise, with almost half (47%) expressing a preference for exciting travel experiences, closely followed by unique (42%) and adventurous pursuits (33%).

In the poll of 2,000 people, nearly half (45%) said they were conscious of their carbon footprint when travelling abroad. In a bid to travel more sustainably, three-fifths (60%) said they would pack a light carry-on instead of booking hold luggage, while 59% would buy essentials such as toiletries abroad. Additional alternative eco-friendly measures were proposed, with 59% renting outfits and equipment such as ski-boots or snowboards once they arrived. Dubbed Minimalist Packers, 56% of those surveyed agree packing light is an adventure in itself, while 48% embrace the challenge and actively seek online tips/advice for mastering this art (44%).

Clare Armstrong, Head of Guest Experience at London Luton Airport says, “As a leading UK airport for a growing number of destinations, it’s exciting to see the many reasons why two-thirds (62%) of travellers are so eager to explore the continent this year. Whether it is families seeking sunshine, music lovers heading to Europe’s many festivals, or day trippers searching for hassle-free city breaks, we look forward to providing a simple and friendly passenger experience to everyone passing through London Luton Airport this year.”

“We will see many new destinations added to our departure boards over the coming months, and our focus remains on continually looking to add even greater choice for passengers by expanding our route network and offering an even greater selection of shops and restaurants in the LLA terminal.”

London Luton Airport’s Travel Trends for 2024:

1.    Holi-dayers: Almost two-thirds (64%) of holidaymakers maximise cheap off-peak travel to minimise time off with a 24-hour round trip abroad. Reduced travel costs by not booking accommodation (39%) booking last-minute trips (35%) and being able to sleep in your own bed at night (35%) were the biggest reasons for this shift

2.    Sistermoons: Over half (52%) of female travellers are now looking to share adventures with their best friends or sisters before big life occasions such as marriage or pregnancy take place

3.    Swiftie Stays: As music fans prepare to follow their favourite artist overseas, nearly half (45%) admit they would schedule a trip to an unknown city to avoid missing out, as three-quarters (74%) of people say it is the perfect excuse to explore a new region and embrace a new culture (71%)

4.    Destination Dupes: With more than two-fifths (45%) inspired by social media apps to travel to unknown destinations, over half (56%) said they’d consider cheaper alternatives based on popular long-haul destinations e.g. Albania, the ‘Maldives of Europe’.

5.    Voluntourism: Not set on just relaxing in the sun, almost two-fifths (39%) of people would use their time abroad to give back to causes close to their hearts. The uptake in philanthropic acts is due to almost half (49%) believing that volunteering is a good way to experience cultural immersion

6.    Glampackers: Seatbelt on, rollers in, face mask on, 2024 will see a new trend of passengers beautifying themselves, as four in ten (41%) female travellers admit they get Instagram-ready whilst on the aeroplane, so they arrive at their destination looking perfectly preened

7.    Impul-setting: Bravery breaks are set to rise, as 47% want an exciting travel experience in 2024, closely followed by unique (42%) and adventurous (33%) pursuits. In an effort to be more exciting, over a quarter (27%) say they would use AI to suggest holiday destinations and plan the itinerary

8.    Minimalist Packers: Gone are the days of a 20KG case or even a jam-packed carry-on. Nowadays, over six in ten (62%) respondents admit that they pack lightly for a fuss-free trip, whilst 59% believe that toiletries and additional essentials can be purchased abroad

9.    Chillcation (literally): Three-quarters (74%) consider a holiday abroad important for their wellbeing and, as a result, look to take part in more wellbeing activities during their trip, with walks in nature (70%) and listening to nature (54%) of particular interest

10.    ‘Disconnection Seekers’ – Forget popular destinations; half (51%) of travellers actively seek out ‘back-to-basics’ holidays to disconnect and relax, like a break in the French suburbs, as the majority (89%) see it as an opportunity to get away from people, noise pollution and air pollution

Notes to Editors:

  • Survey of 2,000 nationally representative UK based adults (18+), carried out by 3Gem between 19th – 22nd January 2024


  • Taylor Swift Era Tour destinations reached from LLA include Paris and Lisbon (May), Lyon, Edinburgh and Dublin (June), Amsterdam, Zurich, Milan (July) and Warsaw (August)
  • Daily flights from LLA to Tirana, Albana with Wizz start from £12.99 (departing 3 February 2024

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