Heathrow Receives Support for its Sustainability Plan Heathrow 2.0

Heathrow Receives Support for its Sustainability Plan Heathrow 2.0

Support from politicians, industry, academia and businesses across the UK as Heathrow launches new sustainability strategy, Heathrow 2.0.

Plans include a new R&D incubator, an ambition for growth from a new runway to be carbon neutral and at least halving the number of late-running departures to reduce noise for local communities.

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Virendra Sharma, MP for Ealing Southall:

“While no airport is without its environmental impact, Heathrow has gone a long way over recent years to address the concerns around pollution and noise. I am particularly pleased to see that the airport has a clear plan to reduce the number of late-running evening flights which I know will be welcomed across the local community. Heathrow has set itself ambitious goals which I intend to hold them to.”

Andrew Brookes, Chief Executive, The Air League:

“The two great challenges facing the UK are sustaining jobs and wealth which underpin our quality of life and public service, while preserving the environment we live in. It is a fine line to tread but Heathrow 2.0 is to be commended for striking the right balance.”

Damian Ryan, Acting Chief Executive, The Climate Group:

“We’re delighted that Heathrow Airport has joined RE100 and is now committed to sourcing 100% renewable power for its operations. This is an important step as significant reductions in emissions from the aviation sector – including on the ground – are essential to addressing climate change over the next few decades. We commend Heathrow for its new sustainability strategy and its efforts to respond to valid concerns about the sector’s environmental impact. This is clearly the start of a long and challenging journey for the airport and the wider industry, and its success is vital if aviation is to have a sustainable future and continue to deliver the many economic and social benefits it provides.”

Prof Richard Templer, Director of Innovation at the Grantham Institute: Climate and Environment, Imperial College London:

“I am excited by Heathrow’s plans to bring a ‘Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Airports’ to West London. Airports are mini-cities and this makes them perfect places to pioneer and demonstrate innovations that improve sustainability of the complex systems that keep an airport or a city running. Heathrow will partner with leading experts and institutions to facilitate new research & development in low-carbon technologies and I am keen to explore how Imperial College low-carbon innovation strengths can be a part of this exciting story.”

Ian Jopson, Chair, Sustainable Aviation:

“As the UK’s biggest airport Heathrow has an important role in the UK aviation industry. The new Heathrow 2.0 plan sets out an ambitious set of goals and captures the momentum of an industry-wide commitment to a sustainable future for aviation. The Sustainable Aviation coalition looks forward to working with Heathrow and our other partners in support of the delivery of its ambitions.”

Paul Britton, Chief Executive, Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce:

“Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce welcome today’s announcement and publication of Heathrow 2.0. A commitment to the UK and Thames Valley local economy. Notably we are pleased to see consideration to delivering a sustainable plan with environmental and community concerns at the forefront.

“We trust the plan will contribute to a proud track record in the Thames Valley as a centre of excellence for many leading UK sectors – from film and media to motorsport and high performance engineering; life sciences and ICT; aerospace and space to financial services. These are Key sectors that drive both the Thames Valley and Britain that require an effective and Heathrow hub gateway between the UK and established and emerging global markets growth.

“We look forward to supporting the delivery of a Heathrow sustainable growth plan for the benefit of the Thames valley economy.”

Andrew Ward, Director of Corporate Relations, Brunel University:

“At Brunel University London, we have long felt that Heathrow is uniquely placed to take a leadership role in shaping and realising the future of sustainable aviation and the new strategy and Centre of Excellence are clearly significant steps forward in achieving this goal.

“No one agency can possibly have all the answers, so the Centre’s commitment to draw on expertise across business and academia, from home and abroad is important; and as many of our research agendas match those of the airport we are looking forward to being an active partner in the new Centre.

“We are also very pleased to see that Heathrow 2.0 articulates and strengthens the company’s commitment to skills development and the social agenda.  So as well as working with the new Centre of Excellence, we will be pleased to partner Heathrow in providing degree apprenticeships, health and well-being services, diversity research and leadership development.”

Steven Broad, Executive Director, TRAFFIC:

“TRAFFIC welcomes Heathrow’s commitment to prevent wildlife trafficking and looks forward to working in partnership with Heathrow, the UK Border Force and the UK CITES Authority to achieve this goal throughout the airport’s operations.”

Sara Williams, Chief Executive, Staffordshire Chamber:

“The commitment Heathrow is showing in this new strategy, and its awareness of how it can use the expertise and knowledge of its social and environmental impact to innovate and find solutions, is very exciting. It shows Heathrow as a leading example of how more and more companies are using their roles to provide civic and social leadership.”

Professor Callum Thomas, Chair of Sustainable Aviation, Manchester Metropolitan University:

“Heathrow 2.0 represents a new approach. The aspiration to make areas around Heathrow a Great Place to Live has the potential, if fully realised, to deliver action not only to minimise noise and improve local air quality, but also investment in local communities and the local environment, to provide opportunities for local families, to allow local people to share in the benefits and success of Heathrow’s growth.

“The Plan explicitly commits to support global efforts to prevent dangerous climate change, to decouple aviation growth from carbon emissions, and in so doing it addresses head on the climate challenge faced by aviation.

“Heathrow airport’s size and influence is so great that, when working with its service partners, it has the potential to become an engine for positive change. This through its air route development strategy, its employment practices, through its influence upon suppliers and through its ability to actively support the development of new sustainable businesses. The broad focus of Heathrow 2.0: Our plan for sustainable growth, in this regard also represents a step forward in airport sustainable development strategies.”

SOURCE: Heathrow Media Centre



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