Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach welcomes Cyril Dupuis as newly appointed Executive Pâtissier

Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach welcomes Cyril Dupuis as newly appointed Executive Pâtissier

Dubai, U.A.E, 2018-Dec-11 — /Travel PR News/ — Gaining knowledge in the art of pastry for almost 30 years, from the world’s most renowned chefs such as Alain Ducasse and Pierre Hermé, Cyril Dupuis –newly appointed Executive Pâtissier at Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach – has himself become a culinary legend in the world of the finest and the most exquisite desserts, incorporating traditional, authentic Parisian flavours with modern techniques to create his own signature dishes. Dupuis has always been inclined towards a field that allowed him to use both his skills of creativity and attention to detail hence, he was certain of pursuing a career in the food industry.

Cyril Dupuis first discovered his sweet tooth at the age of eight, back at home in Burgundy where he was astonished by a magnificent wedding cake created by a local chef that introduced himself to Cyril as an “artisan – a magician who makes people happy.” That was the beginning of Dupuis’s gastronomical journey, working as an apprentice for the man who essentially, triggered and inspired his interest in the culinary arts.

Following his passion for pastry, Cyril Dupuis strongly emphasised on the importance of personal growth and spent the next three years working for the revolutionary pastry icon Pierre Hermé, once named as “the Picasso of pastry,” at one of France’s leading gourmet companies, Fauchon. In 1997, an exciting opportunity arose to work as a sous chef and later as a pastry chef consultant for the Michelin starred mogul Alan Ducasse, where he continued to play with flavours of the haute cuisine. These events eventually landed him at the Intercontinental, Hong Kong taking the leading role as an executive pastry chef where he worked for the last seven years.

According to Dupuis, the two internationally acclaimed mentors have been his biggest inspiration when it comes to culinary arts as they have taught him that the recipe for any successful dessert often lies in an ability to maintain the high quality of a dish using simple, fresh ingredients yet experimenting with techniques to develop new flavours.

The majority of the Dupuis’ recipes come from his extensive travelling experiences, where he immerses himself into the local food culture, strolling through the provincial markets in a hope to discover unconventional tastes. Dupuis refers to the time he flew to Philippines and returned to Paris with a mangosteen out of which he created a delicious tart that proved to be very popular among the restaurant patrons. Chef Cyril is excited to bring his unique skills to Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach, where he hopes that he can reinvent Shai Salon’s afternoon tea, making it a must try when visiting the region.

An interview with Chef Cyril Dupuis follows here.

What are your thoughts on working in the Middle East?

Dubai is undeniably an exciting city that is very fast-paced, however, as with any other cosmopolitan city, it comes with its challenges. With such a high circulation of people from around the globe, it becomes a cultural melting point where it is more perplexing to focus your product on mass market as everyone’s tastes are very different. So to succeed, it is important to understand the needs of your guests and if this is achieved, your mission is accomplished.

What ingredients are you most excited to use in the Middle East?

There are so many interesting ingredients in the Middle Eastern region. The flavours and ingredients that intrigue me the most are rose petal, pistachio, cardamom, and orange blossom. Even though, I have that classic French chef style, I believe that using unique and unconventional ingredients and incorporating them with classic flavours and styles allows you to really create something extraordinary in the kitchen.

What Middle Eastern desserts are you excited to try yourself and incorporate into the menu?

I’ve always been fascinated by the diversity of food cultures across the world. I love to try the regional delicacies wherever I go. One of my favourite things about arriving in a new city is the hunt for new flavours and as a patisserie expert, I wholeheartedly testify that Middle Eastern desserts are a real treat. My favourite so far has been kanafehwith its perfect balance of savoury and sweet.

How has being French influenced you and your style?

France is renowned for its well-mastered techniques and simple combinations made of rich, seasonal produce, creating a culinary symphony that has influenced the gastronomic scene worldwide. The best part of French cuisine is its ability to stay simple and rooted to traditions yet still has a modern twist that makes it so distinctively remarkable. Even though a lot of the inspiration for my dishes has been absorbed from Asian and Middle Eastern provincial markets, my French upbringing had an essential impact on where I stand now, giving me life-long skills and craftsmanship techniques in the art of pastry. During my time at Four Seasons, I plan to bring a piece of my home in my style and technique to Dubai in a hope of bringing a new angle to local delights.

If you couldn’t be a patisserie Chef, what would you have wanted to be?

I would definitely be a pilot as travelling is another passion of mine. The skills and experiences you gain from travelling abroad is what I love most, as well as immersing myself in the different cultures, discovering unique tastes and meeting people from all walks of life.

What are you excited to bring to the menu here at Four Seasons?

When I was working in Hong Kong, which was once a part of the British colony, I learned a lot about creating afternoon tea, in the finest British tradition. Hence, I would like to introduce this to the Resort’s guests, providing them with an authentic experience.

What is your signature dish/dessert?

Although I was taught to cook with French cuisine principles, all my desserts have a personal Chef Cyril twist to it. So the next time you order the multi-tiered platter of the decadent afternoon tea pastries, prepare your palate for a sensational experience.

What advice would you give an amateur pastry chef?

It is impossible to be a pâtissier without having the passion, motivation, curiosity and willingness to work hard.  You have to always commit your time and take risks to experiment with new flavours.

What is your greatest achievement?

As a 15 year old boy living in the French countryside in the Burgundy region, I never fully understood the power of travelling. The thought of living a thousand miles away from France, especially in dynamic cities like Hong Kong and Dubai ,was unimaginable, so travelling has definitely been the one achievement that I’m very grateful for.

What do you love most about your job?

I believe that we must educate others and share our knowledge with those who aspire to one day follow our path, especially because we were once just kids with big dreams. Working in a new environment motivates me; it gives you the platform to be creative and engage with new cultures, ideologies and nationalities – that is why I love what I do.

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