Four Seasons Hotel Shenzhen launches new Grill Bar menu at FOO restaurant

Shenzhen, China, 2015-11-30 — /Travel PR News/ — Introducing the new Grill Bar menu at FOO restaurant at Four Seasons Hotel Shenzhen. On the terrace of FOO, the green oasis restaurant in the heart of the Central Business District (CBD), refreshed by autumn breeze and listening to the symphony of the waterfall stream and sizzling charcoal grill, guests can indulge in Argentinean barbecue and a lively atmosphere.

Argentina is the home country of the Hotel’s new Executive Chef Alejandro Clausen, where most people are the descendants of Italian and Spanish immigrants, and have created the country’s European fusion cuisine. Chef Alejandro remembers: “Our cuisine is quite simple, no matter who you are, we would always treat you with a greatasado.” Different from the grilled dishes in other regions, Argentinean asado tends to have less roasting and marinating while focusing on the original taste of the ingredients.

The new FOO Grill Bar menu’s signature dish is Argentinean Asado Ribs, grilled by Chef Alejandro according to classic and authentic grilling techniques. He carefully chooses marbled beef ribs to lock tenderness and moisture within, then marinates with Argentina’s famous chimichurri sauce, sprinkles coarse salt, and squeezes lemon juice. After being grilled on applewood charcoal for several hours, the aroma of asado ribs is the optimal combination of spices and burnt charcoal, and the great taste of tenderness, moisture and juiciness.

There are five additional choices of main courses as well. Seafood Grilled Plateau is a combo selection, a true grilled seafood feast. There are also dishes from different continents to bring grilled indulgence to another level. Cow and Lamb from Australia includes carefully chosen meats to showcase natural flavours. Spring Chicken Diavola Style is an authentic Tuscan dish from Italy, with a great amount of olive oil, lemon juice, garlic and pepper marinade to allow the chicken be grilled to spicy and crispy perfection. Using premium pork ribs and brushing with the signature FOO BBQ Sauce, grilling slowly on the charcoal, FOO BBQ Pork Ribs proudly presents a true signature taste of FOO Restaurant. Grilled wagyu beef and lobster in Mare e Terra offers a duo of deluxe delicacy.

For dishes with such strong flavours, it is best to match with light and healthy appetisers and desserts. This price of one main course from the Grill Bar Menu includes one main course, plus two appetisers and one dessert. Guests may also order extra oysters, tenderloin and other meats. Free flow selected wines can compliment the meal for CNY 108.

For reservations, call 8826 8700.

SOURCE: Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts



Four Seasons Hotel Shenzhen launches new Grill Bar menu at FOO restaurant

Four Seasons Hotel Shenzhen launches new Grill Bar menu at FOO restaurant