Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta Presents Pesona Rempah Afternoon Tea Celebrating Indonesia’s Rich Culinary Heritage

Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta Presents Pesona Rempah Afternoon Tea Celebrating Indonesia’s Rich Culinary Heritage

A contemporary homage to the archipelago’s timeless flavours

Jakarta, Indonesia, 2023-Aug-04 — /Travel PR News/ — Starting August 8, 2023, discover refreshingly modern renditions of heritage spices, herbs and grains at the newly unveiled Pesona Rempah Afternoon Tea at Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta. Executive Pastry Chef Lorenzo Sollecito and his talented team present a repertoire of sweet and savoury treats, showcasing the captivating flavours, textures and colours of prized homegrown ingredients.

Crafted in collaboration with Javara Indonesia, this delectable feast takes diners on a fascinating voyage across the archipelago, all the way from Papua to North Sumatra. Along with expressing Indonesia’s flavourful diversity, the menu pays tribute to the craftsmanship and dedication of the farmers and food artisans who cultivate these exceptional ingredients.

“We are delighted to collaborate with Javara, a brand known for its emphasis on both quality and community,” says Chef Lorenzo. “We hope our collaborative Afternoon Tea can play a part in preserving Indonesia’s culinary treasures and increasing appreciation for regional food producers.”

On a mission to revive the country’s precious food biodiversity heritage, Javara offers a selection of natural, organic and artisanal food products to the local and global market. The company works closely with farmers, foragers and food artisans across Indonesia, supporting natural cultivation techniques and sustainable consumption.

Indigenous Indonesia Afternoon Tea

Expressed in an array of vibrant colours and striking shapes, the modern Indonesian menu features standout Javara ingredients such as Bunga Pala (mace) from Papua, Gula Nipah (Nipah blossom nectar) from Lampung, Andaliman (Batak pepper) from North Sumatra, cinnamon from Jambi, and sorghum from East Nusa Tenggara.

Sample innovative sweet creations such as the Kopi, Bunga Pala & Arenga Nectar, a tropical concoction of 36 percent cream cold-infused with roasted Balinese coffee beans and palm sap syrup. Resembling a ginger flower bud on the verge of bloom, the Wedang Ronde is composed of dark chocolate shell, ganache inspired by the traditional Wedang Ronde dessert, and an assortment of Indonesian favourites such as cardamom, lemongrass, pandan leaf and clove.

Discover a medley of cinnamon sponge, coconut and raisin curd, crispy meringue and ginger-infused coconut chips in the Cubic Klappetart, and revel in the surprising contrasts of the Andaliman Pepper, Kalamansi and Extra Bitter Balinese Cocoa. The Pandan Suji Choux also brings together varied elements such as Pandan and Suji leaves, Nipah blossom nectar and white chocolate.

On the savoury side, enjoy intricately conceptualized delights such as the Cassava Spicy Combro with Fermented Peanut and Wild Aromatic Ginger; the Grilled Moringa Marinated Green Asparagus Wrapped Radish; and the White Sorghum Money Bag with String Chives.

Available daily until November 26, 2023 from 1:00 to 6:00 pm, the Indigenous Indonesia Afternoon Tea can be enjoyed at La Patisserie and Palm Court, priced at IDR 388,000++ per set. For reservations, contact #FSChat 021 22771888 through Whatssap.

About Javara Indonesia

Javara is the flagship of PT Kampung Kearifan Indonesia, a company that works across the supply chain to sustain Indonesia’s forgotten food biodiversity heritage by delivering it to the national and international markets. Through partnerships with farmers, foragers, fishers, and food artisans, Javara offers a wide range of the finest natural, organic, and artisanal food products originating from various regions of the Indonesian archipelago. With a focus on healthy, inclusive, and climate-friendly products, we strive to make a positive impact on the environment and society while celebrating Indonesia’s culinary diversity.

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