FlightsChannel Expands Reach with Launch of Spanish Website for Spanish-Speaking Passengers

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(IN SHORT) FlightsChannel, an Online Travel Agency (OTA), has launched a Spanish-language version of its website to cater to the growing demand from Spanish-speaking customers, particularly from Latin America. The new site offers all functionalities available in the English version, making the ticket booking process simpler for Spanish speakers. The Spanish site, available at, features translated content and underwent thorough testing to ensure accuracy and functionality.

(PRESS RELEASE) Las Vegas, NV, 2024-Feb-12 — /Travel PR News/ — FlightsChannel has been in existence since 2016 and they have found that a number of their customers are from Latin America, who prefer to deal in Spanish language. This Online Travel Agency (OTA) offers air tickets to passengers flying from, to, or between the USA, Canada, and Mexico. So, far English has been the language of choice for offering flight tickets to customers. Recently they have launched a Spanish site with every functionality that is available in the English version of their website. This has been done according to the demand for tickets from the Spanish-speaking community in the USA itself.

This has been done to make sure that the ticket booking process becomes simpler for those not too fluent in English, the official language in the USA. They will now be able to use the website easily as it is also available in a language they are familiar with. Yes, Mexican customers too will be able to make better use of their services. English though is the language of business around the world which has been made smaller by the Internet, which brings people from all over the world together. Still, the number of Spanish speakers around the world isn’t smaller either, hence the need for this new site.

Though in design the Spanish site looks the same as the English site, all of the content has been translated for the passengers. All the steps that you need to follow to have your booking confirmed, along with the content for blogs. In fact, every part of the site that you can see on the sitemap is in the Spanish language. Though this idea was in the minds of the directors of the company for some time, the actual execution of the plan started 3 months ago. All parts of the site were checked for the accuracy of the translations and the functionality of the site has been tested too, to make sure that the potential passengers can do in Spanish, what they were able to do in English.

The new site is available at the URL and has already become popular with the users of the website. Yes, the traffic of the main site will now be diverted to the Spanish site, but this will speed up the English site with a lesser load on it, though the site was good enough for any number of customers accessing and browsing this site. This OTA expects that more customers will be attracted to their products through this new offering and they will be able to tap into an even larger market of Spanish speakers. For instance, the Spanish passengers looking for international flights to the North American continent will have a new site in their language offering them these.

The Internet is accessed all around the world by people fluent in different languages. To attract their attention it is always better to communicate with them in the language they understand and FlightsChannel knows this. This is true for the air ticket booking business too. These tickets are not cheap and using the language that passengers use will mean that there will be fewer mistakes, making life easier for everyone.


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