Exotic video food tour exploring Nevis’s culinary heritage at Four Seasons YouTube Channel

Nevis, West Indies, Caribbean, 2013-09-30 — /travelprnews.com/ — A trip to Bountiful?  Armchair travellers everywhere can now enjoy a virtual taste of Nevis as they log on to Four Seasons YouTube Channel and join the crew of projectexplorer.org as they cover the terrain of Nevis’s abundant culinary landscape.  This exotic video food tour is action packed as ProjectExplorer.org Host Zoe D’Amato discovers the fertile, volcanic island of Nevis by land and by sea.

First, D’Amato dives into the Caribbean waters alongside a Four Seasons Chef and a Nevisian Dive Master from Scuba Safaris to catch her own spiny lobster for lunch.  Viewers can watch along as she learns to use a homemade rope lasso like the local fishermen do to chase and hook her elusive lobster prey underwater.  D’Amato then continues her adventures on land with native Nevisian Mac kee France, the Resort’s Director of Recreation.  Mac kee plays island guide as he takes the visiting crew to his favourite secret hotspots, where homespun delicacies are served Nevisian style, with friendly smiles from local chefs.  Comfort food is naturally on the itinerary.  D’Amato broadens her palate to sample goat water; a special and hearty stew prepared and served family style on Saturdays at Manza’s organic farm.  Manza’s orchards and produce stand are also a visual feast, packed with seasonal root vegetables and fresh fruits stemming from the mineral rich soil including breadfruit, mangoes. local pumpkin and passion fruit.  The next stop is at a charming cafe called Jamaicy’s in the island’s colonial capital of Charlestown to try another traditional meal called “cook up.”  Travellers will not be dished, however, with the recipe for this “catch all” dish.  “It is a bit of everything in the pot,” says Mac kee, “or to put it in layman terms: a creative twist on leftovers.”  As the grand finale, Mac kee stops at a traditional West Indian roadside barbecue in his own home neighbourhood where sizzling jerk pork awaits D’Amato’s final plate of the day.

“The other secret ingredient of Nevis is in the sauce,” says Mac kee.  He is referring to the famous homemade Nevisian hot sauce that accompanies most of his meals. “Nevisians actually boast about their grandmother’s recipes and who has the best one. I don’t leave home with out my hot sauce and no visitor should leave the island without a bottle of this signature spicy condiment in hand.  It’s the ketchup of Nevis!”

Guests of Four Seasons Resort Nevis can mingle with the locals and discover the other side of Nevis when they sign up for the Resort’s fun Lyme & Dine Food Tour, offered on Friday evenings. Avid divers and seafood lovers can sign up for the Resort’s popular Dive & Dine experience and forage for their own food in a lobster catching and cooking excursion of a lifetime.

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Exotic video food tour exploring Nevis's culinary heritage at Four Seasons YouTube Channel