Cruzeiro Safaris explains the difference between Game Reserves, National Parks and Sanctuaries

NAIROBI, Kenya, 2022-Oct-12 — /Travel PR News/ — Wildlife refers to all undomesticated plants and animals in their natural habitat.

Game Parks are the areas that have been set aside for wildlife to live in. They are protected areas where people are not allowed to settle. Some of the game parks are fenced to prevent people from getting inside illegally. The fence also prevents the animals from getting out of the parks.

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There are 3 type of game parks found in East Africa. These are National Game Parks and National Game reserves and Wildlife Sanctuaries.

(a) National Parks 
A National game park or National Park is set up and controlled by the central government. They are established by an Act of parliament or through legal notice by the minister concerned. The agencies collect entry fees to the parks, take care of the animals and assist in resolving the people-animals conflict. In Kenya parks are managed by the Kenya Wildlife Service. An example of a safari is

(b) National Game Reserves
A National Game reserve of National Reserve is set up and managed by local authority where it is located. The local community interact freely with the wildlife before such and area is declared a game reserve. Unlike national parks, the local people are allowed to live and graze their animals in game reserves.

Whereas the government has banned game hunting, animals in privately owned ranches are slaughtered to provide Game meat to major hotels in Nairobi and Mombasa. An example is or – 7 days by flights

(c) Wildlife sanctuaries
Wildlife sanctuaries are areas that have been set aside for protection of specific animals or birds. In environments where elephants are threatened by poachers, an area is established and fenced off to host only elephants, where they are cared for. An example is


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