24% of Brits feel lonelier now than during Covid. Could a more spiritual holiday help?

24% of Brits feel lonelier now than during Covid. Could a more spiritual holiday help?

LONDON, UK, 2024-Jun-17 — /Travel PR News/ — The latest Wellbeing figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) reveal many people are lonelier and unhappier than during the Covid pandemic. 24% of Brits felt lonely all or some of the time at the beginning of June this year, whereas 21% felt lonely at the beginning of June 2020, at the height of  Covid when lockdowns were in place and only essential shops were open.

The new figures also reveal 30% of 16-29 year olds and 26% of females felt lonely some or all of the time in early June.

It seems we are also less happy than we were. 12% of Brits reported low levels of happiness at the beginning of June, with 17% of 16-29 year olds in particular experiencing low happiness levels. While only 10% of men reported low happiness levels, 14% of women were unhappy. These levels are again higher than in the same period in 2020, when 11% of us experienced low happiness levels.

Lily Smith, a leading travel expert from Monasteries.com, says: ‘On the face of it, it’s surprising that many Brits are a little lonelier and unhappier this month than during the same period in 2020, as that was a particularly stressful time when all non-essential stores were still closed and people were largely stuck indoors.

‘It’s interesting that more women (26%) than men (22%) report feeling lonely and also more women than men feel less happy. Add that to those aged 30-49 who are least satisfied with life. It’s surely no coincidence that 27% of British women say they are considering a holiday alone and 81% of solo female travellers are over 45 years old.

‘It perhaps makes sense that an increasing number of women wanting to boost feelings of wellbeing and explore spiritual and religious matters are now staying at monasteries and convents to escape the pressures of the day-to-day world.

‘In fact, female travellers account for around 64% of Monasteries.com’s bookings per year. This may be for religious and spiritual reasons and/or the fact that solo female travellers say they feel safe staying in a monastery, abbey or convent.

‘For people, men and women, who want to take stock of their lives and recharge their spiritual batteries, many monasteries run retreats ranging from a few days to several weeks, so people can re-balance their lives with peace, quiet and hospitality. Additionally, some monasteries offer courses, which range from Bible studies to singing, sculpting, painting, calligraphy, meditation and history.

‘Booking a stay in an abbey, convent or monastery is surprisingly easy. The unique accommodation site Monasteries.com focuses on providing a booking platform for European religious orders with stays across mainland Europe, Great Britain and Ireland. There’s much more information about locations and how to book at https://www.monasteries.com/en-GB/top-tips-for-staying-in-monasteries